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by Our View

The proposed French Polynesia study abroad program will be the first study abroad program in a French-speaking country. The program is designed for both French and non-French majors interested in learning about a different culture.

On one hand, the addition of a French study abroad program would be a good addition to the current study abroad programs in Spain, London, Thailand and Germany. The new program would give students an opportunity to be immersed in a new culture and language for an extended period of time. For all international language students, studying abroad is essential, as it allows students the opportunity to become immersed in not only a language, but the entire culture.

On the other hand, there have been questions brought up about why the French study abroad program is being taught in French Polynesia instead of in France. While French is spoken in French Polynesia, it is an entirely different culture than that of France, which is probably the point. Students will have a unique opportunity in that they will be able to observe both European and non-western cultures and how they function together in Tahiti.

While questions remain surrounding the choice of having a French study abroad program in French Polynesia, it would be a good addition to the study abroad programs offered at Simpson and will allow students to gain first-hand knowledge about world cultures and world experiences.