Let’s Hear It

Do you follow the 72-hour rule and wait three days before calling a girl after the first date?

“Well, if I’m lucky enough to get the girl’s number, I’ll give them mine too and wait for them to call me.”-Junior Ryan Dahlstrom

“The 72-hour rule, what’s that? Does Facebook chat count?”-Senior Jeff Shucker

“It sounds like a good idea? It’s just awkward if you start off calling her like crazy. And you should want to get to know her at first – not just be looking to hook up with her.”-Junior Andrew Gladfelter

“I don’t know if I’d wait a certain amount of time. When I feel ready, I’ll call her.”- Junior Joey Pogge

“I would have to say ‘Yeah,’ but I kind of like the game of waiting for her to call me.”-Freshman Colton Calvert