Biodiesel processor and activity software planned for SGA

The Student Government Association has been busy so far this semester.

The group has already completed several undertakings and has projects planned throughout the year.

SGA organized a variety of homecoming activities, including the co-ed flag football tournament and themed dress-up days.

As a way to reduce noise in the library, SGA put felt on the bottoms of all of the chairs.

“Simpson purchased in the past few weeks, felt for chairs in the library,” Steven Ramsey, sophomore class president, said. “Something so small and simple could benefit students.”

Other major projects for the 2008-2009 school year include implementing a new software program and purchasing a biodiesel processor.

“We are getting new software for campus called Simplicity that should be up in January,” Bailey Harris, junior class president and academic affairs committee chair, said. “It’ll be an easier way for student organizations to communicate with each other.”

Simplicity will be used to help organize groups on campus.

“Students won’t have to get 30 e-mails a day anymore,” Ramsey said. “Instead, it’ll be one e-mail that’s like a calendar for every group.”

SGA also has plans to help make the campus more environmentally-friendly.

“We’re planning on buying a biodiesel processor that will take the vegetable oil waste from the cafeteria and turn it into diesel that our diesel engines and facilities can use,” senior Kyle Liske, student body president, said.

Members of SGA are also looking for ways to improve day-to-day life on campus.

“I’m personally working on the book list for next semester so students will be able to look up the PIN numbers before they’re in the bookstore, so they can buy online,” Harris said.

Some members of SGA have been working on ideas in residence halls to better accommodate students.

“Our student affairs committee has been working on a One Card, which is like a debit card that students would have,” Liske said. “Then we’d put card readers on the laundry machines and pop machines. So, you would have this card, and you would swipe it and it would take money off the card from your account.”

The organization often looks to other schools for ideas on how to better serve the students here at Simpson.

“We went to a student government conference in Washington DC to kind of learn more about what other student governments are doing and how we can improve,” Harris said.

Harris said the group is always interested in getting feedback from students. Meetings are held on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. in the Senate Room in BSC and are open to the public.

For student interested in joining SGA for next year, elections for new members are held in April.

“We definitely want as many people as we can possibly get to be interested in SGA and what we do,” Harris said. “Anybody who really cares about the students and getting their voices heard and what they need should definitely think about running for SGA.”