Richmond’s passion for art brings enthusiasm to the classroom

Richmonds passion for art brings enthusiasm to the classroom

by Betsy KnudsenStaff Writer

David Richmond grew up in Muscatine, Iowa where he discovered his passion for art in the form of photography. He began taking pictures for his high school yearbook and newspaper, which eventually took him to the University of Iowa with intentions of being a photojournalist.

Shortly after starting classes he realized that writing and spelling came along with journalism, which are things he was not fond of. He quickly changed his focus of study to his true passion, art.

He always knew he was good at art and he easily understood what went on in his art classes. Richmond said he was given a lot of encouragement by those around him and was once told by a teacher that he’d make a great professor someday.

Richmond graduated from the University of Iowa where he received three degrees in the Fine Arts including a master’s and doctorate.

The person who’s had the most significant impact on his life is his role model, professor Hu Hung Si.

“Professor Hu was a marvelous individual who saw that I knew what I was doing in the arts and supported my abilities, even if I didn’t,” Richmond said. “It was a very grateful experience to know and learn from such a remarkable man.”

Upon graduating, Richmond did work in commercial design before his first teaching job at Dickinson State University in North Dakota. However, he and his wife knew they wanted to come back to Iowa. Around that same time there was an opening in Indianola, and Simpson’s good reputation led him to where he, his wife and his two children are today.

Four years ago Richmond achieved his life goal: traveling to China with a group of students.

Richmond loves sitting and studying his art and the artwork of others. Art is both interesting and enjoyable to him, and it is his goal to pass that on to his students.

“The best thing about my job is getting to interact with students,” Richmond said. “I truly have the best job ever.”

Richmond said that he likes helping people understand how to express themselves through art more than he likes making art for himself.