Tis the season: Favre retirement speculation

Tis the season: Favre retirement speculation

by Tim LoneStaff Writer

Yes, it’s that time of year again: time for all the speculators to start voicing their opinions and theories about whether or not Brett Favre should or will retire from the NFL.

If you ask me, after all the flak he’s taken from the media and his teammates on the New York Jets, I’d say it would be wise to call it quits and hang up the cleats. But with Favre, you never know. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

On one hand, he’s had a long, successful career in the NFL. After 18 seasons, Favre holds records for passing attempts, completions, passing yards, victories as a starter and touchdowns. With every major passing record in hand, three league MVP titles and a victory in Super Bowl XXXI to boot, what more can Favre prove, much less gain, by playing one more season in the NFL?

On the other hand, Favre does still love to play the game. His energy and enthusiasm for the game are second to none, and that passion doesn’t seem to be leveling off. Favre is still physically one of the best quarterbacks in the league today. He still completed 65 percent of his passes and tossed 22 touchdown passes while leading the Jets to a 9-7 record.

He did throw 22 interceptions, but hey, he is Brett Favre. We all know Favre’s reputation of taking care of the football is about as good as Michael Vick’s reputation of taking care of dogs. He’s been known as a guy that will attempt the near-impossible pass. While he does throw a lot of interceptions, he still has the skills and arm strength to complete that near-impossible pass. Favre could easily stick around for another year or two if he gets the right supporting cast.

With all of the analysis and speculation about his retirement aside, I must say on a personal note that prior to this season, I admired Favre for his toughness and the youthful enthusiasm that he brought to the Packers. Watching Favre throw Packers Wide Receiver Donald Driver over his shoulder and carry him to the sideline after a touchdown pass was always good for a laugh.

I didn’t so much admire Favre for the numbers he put up or the records he broke. I looked up to him because of the way he played the game: with enthusiasm, heart, passion, emotion and a little wild abandon. In an era where team rosters change drastically from year to year and players gripe about salaries and demand trades, Favre was a symbol of stability for the Packers.

I had no doubt in my mind that when Favre decided to retire, it would be with the Packers. So when Favre ended up getting traded to the Jets after last year’s offseason saga, I was a little disappointed. All the Brett Favre posters that adorned my walls, the number four jersey I’d worn for years and all the other Favre memorabilia had made its way into a box at the bottom of my closet, taking its place right next to a pair of old shoes.

I must admit, he even had me fooled after he announced his retirement. The press conference, the appearances on countless sports and late night talk shows, the tears, choking up in front of the cameras, it was all a really nice touch. Along with countless other Packer fans and Favre admirers, I bought the whole retirement bit hook, line and sinker.

If Favre calls a press conference in the middle of February announcing his retirement, I won’t believe it quite as easily. I’ll believe Favre is retired when I turn the TV on in the fall and don’t see him in a jersey.