Simpson to be wireless campus-wide in 2010

Simpson to be wireless campus-wide in 2010

by Katie AnthonyStaff Writer

At the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, Simpson College will be altering its network settings in order to allow wireless internet across the campus.

Simpson has been looking into campus-wide wireless for a few years, and computer systems manager, Paul Crittenden, says that the 2009-2010 school year is the logical time for the change to take place.

“We are planning on implementing wireless campus-wide for the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year for several reasons,” Crittenden said. “First, it is the next logical step in expanding access to campus network resources and the internet which are critical tools in the teaching and learning process. Second, campus-wide wireless access is the most asked for technology enhancement by our current students. Third, prospective students and their parents frequently ask about whether wireless is available campus-wide.”

Crittenden and others in the technology services hold high hopes about extending and enhancing the learning opportunities for students on campus. Students are also excited for campus-wide wireless.

“I’m really excited for the changes,” freshman Michaella Calzaretta said. “I think the changes are going to prove to be extremely useful and beneficial to bettering my education.”

SGA is also planning to discuss whether or not they will be contributing to the costs of the new wireless applications during their meeting on Feb. 11.

Sophomore Steven Ramsey, SGA sophomore class president and technology committee chairman, has high expectations for the changes in internet on campus.

“I believe that the campus going wireless is a great thing for Simpson College,” Ramsey said. “I deeply believe that it will make the lives of students that much easier. Imagine students not having to worry about plugging their computers in: we will be able to do our homework and Facebook anywhere at anytime. It’s something that I have fought for since arriving at Simpson College as the technology chairman, and I am glad to see it happen while I’m still here to see it.”

Along with the hopes of enhancing students’ learning abilities, Crittenden also hopes that these changes will allow Simpson students to prepare for the technological changes that the world is facing today.

“We are hoping to extend and enhance and help prepare students for life in a technological world after they graduate from Simpson,” Crittenden said. “Also, we expect this initiative to have a positive effect on the retention of our current students and to have a positive effect in the recruitment of new students.”

For now, Simpson’s technology department is beginning to look in to vendors and plan their test days that will take place over the summer.

“Currently we are contacting vendors to have them help us determine where to best place wireless access points,” Crittenden said. “We are scheduling demos of different wireless systems which will result in bids for installation with the goal of doing the work over this coming summer.”

For now, students are dealing with having a sporadic wireless connection and are waiting in anticipation for the coming school year.

“It’s [campus-wide wireless] showing a new advancement in technology that is vital to America’s progression out of its current state,” freshman Cameron Scott said. “I’m going to be able to do homework in the grill while I watch a Lakers game. It’s going to be awesome.”