FlipSide Face- Kathryn Lisk

FlipSide Face- Kathryn Lisk

by Steve LovittStaff Writer

Junior Kathryn Lisk has been involved in a lot of organizations on campus, including the Environmental Awareness Club, Simpsons Theatre Department, Delta Delta Delta Sorority, CAB and she has worked as a student ambassador. But one of her most memorable college experiences was the semester she spent as an intern at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

“Honestly, I have always hoped to work in Disney World,” Lisk said. “A couple of years ago when I was visiting, I asked an employee how they had been hired. When they told me Disney had an extensive program for college students, I was immediately interested.”

According to some, getting an internship with Disney World says a lot about a person’s personality and drive.

“I think that’s testimony to the kind of go-getter she is,” Brian Steffen, professor and chair of the communication studies department, said. “Kathryn has the kind of outgoing, enterprising personality that makes her a great student with much potential as a future professional.”

Working at Disney World is not just about the fun and glam like everyone thinks it is.

“On an average day at Disney, I would wake up around 5:00 a.m., throw on some sweats, and head off to work,” Lisk said. “Once I checked in at whichever park I was scheduled at, I checked out my costume and started getting ready. Within an hour, I’d be meeting with guests, taking pictures and signing autographs.”

Lisk has the reputation around Simpson that reflects that of a leader and hard-working person.

“I think that by knowing Kathryn, I have become a more caring, compassionate and educated person,” junior Sarah Harl said. “She will share her knowledge and opinion with anyone, and I think our campus is a more positive place because we have students like Kathryn, who genuinely care about people and are willing to give of themselves to see others succeed.”

Lisk’s friends were sad to see her leave for an entire semester, but knew it was an amazing opportunity for her.

“How many people out there can say their best friend is Alice in Wonderland?” junior Elsabeth Roush said. “It’s bragging rights for life. I was with her when she first auditioned for the part, so I feel honored to have watched her benefit from such an amazing experience.”

Lisk has not decided on what she wants to do after she graduates from Simpson, but knows that she wants to do something with her communications degree.

“I’m not sure,” Lisk said. “I would love to go back and try to gain experience in a field closer to my career path… But, I’m not opposed to spending a little bit more time as a character either! I suppose we’ll see soon enough.”