Spring break schedule a challenge to coordinate with other schools

by Kelsey KnutsonStaff Writer

Many students look forward to spring break every year.

This year spring break is scheduled for March 9-15, but students and faculty all have different ideas of when would be the best time.

Students would like it if their breaks matched the spring breaks of surrounding colleges and universities. The University of Iowa is on spring break the week following that of Simpson College. And the week after that, Iowa State University is on break from March 15-19.

“I think the spring break schedules of larger universities like Iowa and ISU are always at different times than spring breaks at private colleges,” senior Kate Tillotson, who transferred to Simpson from he University of Iowa in 2007, said.

Senior Roger Van Donselaar agreed.

“Currently a few schools get off one week, and then everyone else has a break another week.”

Many faculty members that live in the Indianola area and that have kids that go to Indianola Community schools would like to have the break match up with that of their children. However, this year it won’t happen.

“Faculty with kids like it when spring break lines up with area elementary and secondary schools,” Steve Griffith, dean of academic affairs, said. “Other faculty members think it should fall halfway between the start and end of the semester.”

Indianola Community Schools, like many other local high schools around the Simpson area, have their spring break a week later. This makes it hard for faculty members to spend time with their kids.

According to Professor of Management Mark Green, it would only make sense to have the breaks match up. Green, who has two children currently in the Indianola school system and one who has graduated, says that spending time with his kids is important.

“Because of the differences, I can’t travel with my kids during spring break,” Green said. “Having them be at the same time would enhance the community.”

There are also faculty members at Simpson who live outside of the Indianola area.

Green suggested the college alternate the spring break schedule year by year.

“Maybe alternating the weeks would work,” Green said. “The powers that be could do something about it. Something could change if someone wanted to change it.”

However, changing the schedule is complicated, according to Griffith. Sports schedules, the Easter holiday and other activities must be taken into consideration.

“Setting the calendar is complicated by the many variables that need to be taken into consideration,” Griffith said. “Students like it when spring break lines up with breaks at other colleges, although which colleges are determined by who has friends at what schools.”