How to: Do Valentine’s Day on a Budget

by Rachel GullNews Editor

In our culture, Valentine’s Day has turned into the romantic version of Christmas.

You spend obnoxious amounts of money on flowers that will be thrown out in about a week. You buy candies she won’t eat because she’s on a diet and wants to look good over Spring Break.

You go to the store and pick out the mushiest looking card because you know that’s what she’ll like, not even noticing that it’s addressed to “An Amazing Mother.” You do all of this because you’re supposed to, but is it really worth it?

The recent economic crisis is forcing us all to be a little more serious about our money, but on Valentine’s Day that can be difficult. If you’re in a relationship, this is an especially serious conundrum because you want to show you care, but you also need enough money to do your laundry. With my help, however, you can get through these difficult times. The economic crisis is already affecting your wallet, you cannot let it affect your relationship!

Eat food.

You can’t take your Valentine out to eat. A burger and fries costs more than doing laundry, and none of us can afford that! If you are the one college student alive who can afford to go out to dinner, good for you!

However, if you want to go anywhere except Pfeiffer, you’d better have reservations. Also, they probably should have been scheduled last June, because there is no way that you will get reservations this late in the game.

Instead, invite your Valentine over for a romantic pasta dinner. As you prepare the Ramen in your microwave, remind yourself that cooking for someone is almost always seen as a sweet gesture.

Place a bath towel in the middle of the floor, and set up your dinner around it, picnic style.

To get a romantic mood, you’ll want dim lighting. Unfortunately, candles aren’t allowed in your dorm room, but you have the next best thing. Turn off the lights and turn on your computer screen. The lowered lighting will give your meal a special atmosphere.

For a final touch, put on some romantic music and ask your roommate to turn down the volume on the television. Also, ask him to move his feet up onto the futon and away from the Ramen. Your roommate’s smelly feet could totally kill the mood, and you want this Valentine’s Day to be perfect.

Give a gift.

Find something cheap but sweet. Color a picture, make a mixed CD or even bake cookies. If these options don’t work for you, remember that anything that is pink or red counts as a Valentine. Give your beloved a worn down eraser or a packet of red Kool-Aid.

If you can’t find anything appropriate in those colors, you can always draw a heart on a random object. Suddenly, the options are endless. You can give your Valentine a romantic recycling bin with heart-shaped graffiti. When walking across campus, you can hit your Valentine with the Snowball of love. Unfortunately, even getting a gift is too much for some people.

Break up.

Economic difficulties are hard on us all, and some relationships can’t last through the pressure. However, if you really like your significant other and don’t want to lose them forever, don’t worry. Your breakup only needs to last until Valentine’s Day is over. Afterwards, you and your significant other can totally get back together.

This won’t be a problem because your significant other is probably really low on funds too and will be completely grateful that she didn’t have to buy you anything either!

Talk it over.

If your Valentine is worthy of your love, she will totally understand your lack of funds. Of course there’s also the possibility that she will break up with you. Either way, you will be able to stay within your budget.

With all of the options open to you this Valentine’s Day, don’t take out an extra loan to impress your Valentine. Instead, be smart and try one of my budget-friendly techniques. Your Valentine will survive, and so will your wallet.