FlipSide Face- Jim Glogowski

by Steve LovittStaff Writer

Jim Glogowski is the head football coach for the Storm and has had many memorable moments coaching the football team over the past few years.

Glogowski has been coaching the Storm team for two years. His first year went was a success, with the team winning seven games, including a victory over Simpson College rival Central College.

Glogowski first learned about the coaching opportunity on the internet and decided to check it out because of Simpson’s reputation.

“I really enjoy my job,” Glogowski said. “Coaching has always been a passion. What I really enjoy about Simpson is that I am able to work with a great group of kids. This past season was really a pleasure. The kids worked extremely hard and displayed a fantastic attitude week in and week out.”

Many of the team’s players have been impressed with Glogowski since the beginning.

“Coach Glo is full of energy, optimistic and very dedicated to his job,” senior football player Antonio Neal said. “A lot of the guys love Coach Glo. He is a great family man and committed to the program. I have enjoyed working with him at every practice.”

Glogowski has many goals for his team during the season and offseason.

“We need to get stronger as a team and improve our speed and agility,” Glogowski said. “The offseason is a great time to focus on improving our physical skills.”

Players believe the team has improved since the new coach took over.

“My team is doing a lot better with Glo…it’s like he brings something different to the game,” Neal said. “His whole approach to life lessons and football make you want to play your butt off.”

The future of the Storm football program and Glogowski’s career as head coach, according to Neal, are very optimistic.

“I think he is going to take this program places,” Neal said. “He is a great coach and even better person.”