Career and Counseing Services seeks to provide more opportunities for students

Career and Counseing Services seeks to provide more opportunities for students

by Betsy KnudsenStaff Writer

Career Services is a program designed to help Simpson College students in their career planning process with job and graduate school searches, and to assist them to become self-directed and achieve the maximum benefits from their college experience.

Career Services is open to all students, no matter where you are in your education,” Career Counselor Erin Swancutt said.

“We are here to help students decide on a major, assist with writing their resume and cover letter, prepare students for interviews, give job search tops, and help with graduate school applications,” Swancutt said.

Career services is a way for students to receive career related help right here on campus.

“Erin has been very helpful and has always been able to connect me to great resources,” senior Chris Mars said. “I have used her help with resumes, cover letters, and also when applying/accepting jobs.”

What can students do to begin their career search process? The Career Services website has many resources available to relieve your stress and worry about the future.

JoBulletin, part of the website, is a way to find full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships; as it’s constantly being updated to offer the perfect opportunity for you. Whether you’re looking for a summer job or a full-time position after graduation, JoBulletin can help you find the right contacts to take the first step.

“Career services is great a way to help students find internships and decide what they want to do with their major,” senior Jemi Kuberski said. “As a career coach I help revise and edit students’ resumes and cover letters.”

Jemi, along with four other students is a Student Career Coach. These students are available to assist students in their career development process. What’s better than having your peers who understand where you’re at help you decide what to do in life? The Career Coaches are available in the Student Development Office for assistance.

Beyond what goes on in the basement of the BSC, Career Services supports many programs to help students expose themselves to employers around the area.

Career Services and the Iowa College Recruiting Network are sponsoring an event with the Center for Vocation and Integrative Learning. With this, students can submit their resume online before networking and speaking with employers at the Iowa College Recruiting Network Interview Day. The actual event will take place on Feb. 23 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Prior to that date, participating employers will select candidates to interview from those who submitted online resumes. The deadline to submit a resume was Feb. 4.

Career Services along with Residence Life also have other employment opportunities available in the future.

“We have a career fair coming up on March 3,” Del Shepard, director of career services said. “It is a wonderful opportunity, and I encourage all students to participate.”

Shepard said that the career fair is a chance for students to interact with employers from all over the area about positions they have available.

To provide additional help, Residence Life is teaming up with Career Services to present the Junior/Senior Experience. Junior/Senior Experience is a series of programs intended to help students prepare for “real life”. The programs will focus on a variety of topics and issues that students will need to know for their future.

The event, Negotiating the Job Offer and Benefits Package, was held on Feb. 3. Students who attended learned about negotiating salaries, insurance packages, and other perks that come with a new job.

Other events scheduled for this semester are a night about Financial Responsibility-Your Budget & Student Loans and Becoming Alums.

“This is a way for juniors and seniors to learn how to create programming, learn what benefit packages look like, learn how to buy, rent, loan and most of all, learn how to professionalize your resume and prepare for interviews,” Swancutt said.