CAB looks to find new acts at NACA

by Chelcee Cheers & DiAndre Neville, Staff Writers

Representatives of CAB are packing their bags and heading to the National Association of Campus Activities convention being held in Nashville, Tenn.

“NACA is a conference where you go to see ideas of different types of shows, acts or activities, that potentially could be brought back here to Simpson for campus entertainment,” freshman Tyson Wirtz said.

Led by Rich Ramos, assistant dean of students and director of student activities, and Lindsey Hunzelman, assistant director of student activities, the group will be able to participate in this year’s annual convention.

NACA, a not-for-profit organization, hosts the convention which is designed to encourage students to communicate their ideas and explore the ideas of others in regards to campus activities.

“I think it’s awesome that there are opportunities like NACA that bring things from all over back to campus,” sophomore Christy Olberding said. “There are probably a lot of things on other campuses that we haven’t ever heard of that could be a lot of fun. Also, I think it’s important to have things to do and keep people involved during their experiences here at Simpson.”

NACA acts as a liaison between students and talent. While the conference serves as somewhat of a showcase, it’s also a place for various students from all over to connect, come together and create ideas of their own. The convention enables students to preview over 250 artists such as comedians and musicians book talent to perform at their campuses.

Representatives attending the conference are considering students’ wants and concerns from campus activities in preparation for the convention.

“I’m preparing for NACA by asking people here at campus what things they have liked in previous years and would like to see again,” Wirtz said. “If there’s anything they didn’t like, then it’s our objective to hopefully go along to find things that people would find more interesting and like a little bit more.”

The possibility of finding new and exciting campus activities is motivation for other representatives to make the 12-hour road trip to Nashville.

“I’m super excited to bring new events and activities to campus that Simpson students will like,” sophomore Erin Floro said.

While at the NACA convention, students will not only be able to meet musicians and comedians, but they will also meet other college students from across the nation. Over 2,000 representatives from around 450 schools will be attending this year’s convention.

“This is a great opportunity for us to learn about and see new things,” Floro said. “Plus, it’s fun to know that we will be able to bring these ideas back and introduce them to Simpson’s campus.”