Music fraternities hit the right note with students

by Sarah KellerStaff Writer

Many students are getting involved in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Mu Phi Epsilon, professional fraternities available to music majors on campus.

Mu Phi Epsilon is a fraternity open to women on campus that have majors or minors in music, while Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is open to any male on campus that is interested in music.

According to senior, Carl Rowles, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia chorus member, any male with an appeal to music is welcomed to join Phi Mu Alpha.

“The Fraternity aims to uplift the spirits of people through the beauty and power of music,” Rowles said. “The group performs regularly on campus, including making appearances at such events as the freshmen talent show and All College Sing.”

The process to join Phi Mu Alpha is much like that of joining other fraternities on campus, Rowles said. There is a recruitment and education process at the beginning of the year, but if men are still interested in joining throughout the semester they can contact president Zach Rohlwing or Rowles.

According to sophomore, Allison Meyer, Mu Phi Epsilon is open to both men and women nationwide, since it is a fraternity, but at Simpson the fraternity is only made up of women.

There are a few key differences between the fraternities. To be accepted into Mu Phi Epsilon, students have to have at least a B- in beginning harmony class.

“Because we are academic, we cannot invite people to join until late January and because Phi Mu is for men only and they are not academic, they can initiate people as early as September,” sophomore Crystal Fisher, Mu Phi Epsilon fund raiser chair said.

“To get accepted into Mu Phi Epsilon, the girls are first invited to an information session, and then the fraternity votes on who they want to give bids to,” Fisher said. “The girls can chose whether they want to pledge and join or not. If they do join, the next month they are initiated.”

Both of the fraternities are involved in fund raising. According to sophomore Aliese Hoesel, Mu Phi Epsilon warden, Mu Phi Epsilon sells cinnamon rolls on Fridays, and they also have t-shirt sales. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia coordinates All College Sing, the freshmen talent show, and collaborates with Mu Phi Epsilon on the Nostalgia Dance.

Phi Mu Alphia Sinfonia originated October 6, 1898 and Simpson’s chapter opened in 1917. According to Rowles, Simpson’s chapter is one of oldest chapters in the nation and has never been deactivated. Mu Phi Epsilon has been on campus since November, 13, 1903.

Hoesel said that because the organizations are professional fraternities, the students are able to network with professionals. They can receive scholarships as well as make new friends.

Rowles initially joined the fraternity because he was told that as a male music major, it was something he should get involved in. He said now he does not regret his decision in joining.

“I have met some incredible people and gained new friendships that would not have been fostered otherwise,” Rowles said. “Through this brotherhood, I have gained a new family and a network of people in every field of work and education. I joined because I was told to, I stay because I like what the Fraternity does, and I have a bond with my fellow Sinfonian brothers that I could never have with anyone else.”