Procrastination Nation

Let’s face it… Homework is never fun. Whether its an assignment given at the beginning of a semester or an assignment given at the beginning of the week, most of us just have a hard time of fitting in homework into our schedules. But, If I told you there was a homework substitute as addicting as candy, would you believe me? Well, blink again cause it’s the truth. A website so good it’s one of my bookmarks: “Hollywood’s most hated website!” isn’t just a place to go to see random candid celebrity photos with white doodling on them, or just a bunch of photos of celebrities at their worst, but a place to catch up on all the latest, greatest, and major headlines in all states across the nation. The material covered ranges from the usual celebrity gossip like the “real” details of Hugh Hefner’s “Girls Next Door,” the final episode of the girls leaving the mansion, to the famous Michael Phelps bong shot taken by a fellow partygoer and the details that follow from the rest of those involved at the party. Details as juicy as to the real story from the Girls Next Door about what it was like living in the mansion and how much they actually received for payment each week to live there! Or maybe even the nitty gritty of Britney Spears’ latest court hearing news and restraining order fiasco. Its truly is a credible source of pop culture news if that’s what you’re into. Maybe if you’re not into things like that, you’ll be into the hilarious videos that Perez posts online from the website, the strange facts of the matter around life in the USA, or maybe even global statistics on who is laying off who at the largest corporate offices as effect of the recession, there’s a wide variety of everything on Its not even just one type of media or news, its all forms of media from national standpoints like Octo-mom, or local news like the floods of 2008, Perez covers it all. And for all you true media/pop culture cravers out there, there’s even a mobile accessible website for which gives a better mobile look at the page and clickable html links for pictures! Go to