Only have time for one stop? Don’t stop here

Only have time for one stop? Dont stop here

by Sarah KellerStaff Writer

Though the restaurant does not look as shady as it did at its old location, I still do not know if I feel safe eating at One Stop.

The old location of One Stop looked like the place that the local hoodlums and drug dealers hung out at. It also looked like it would collapse at any moment. The new location is quite an improvement, it looks very sturdy and I feel a little more secure.

Upon driving into the parking lot, I caught a glimpse of Christmas lights hanging in the windows. I found it interesting on account of the fact that Christmas was two months ago, that they would chose to have Christmas lights as their window decorations. The walls of the restaurant were bright orange, it was Mexican inspired, with statues of women salsa dancing on the walls.

When I first walked in the doors, I was welcomed with menus on the walls. I was impressed by the variety of food offered at One Stop. A costumer can get anything from Mexican food, fried food, Italian food and Gyros, to hot dogs, soups and salads. They have anything you are craving for a reasonable price, which is good on a college student’s budget. They even have a variety of ice cream and desserts one can purchase.

Once my roommates and I entered into the main part of the restaurant we were a little confused, we did not know if we seated ourselves and a waiter would come around and wait on us, or if we went up to the counter to place our orders. I asked the lady at front and she sharply replied to order up front, following it up with a look that made me think that the answer was obvious and I was dumb for asking.

The whole time I was ordering, the cashier did not say anything or give any hint of a grin. She looked tired and did not seem to want to be working and she made it well known. I have heard that the color orange makes people hostile, so maybe working within orange walls all day made the cashier’s personality turn to that of an angry bull chasing the color red.

The cashier had conveniently left the counter when my roommate went up to get a clean cup because hers was dirty, so she was forced to switch them out on her own.

Last year I had a taco from one stop through a school event, which is what they are known for. I remember thinking the taco was really good, but I decided to try something different on this trip. I went for a Baja burrito because I love spicy food.

Once I received my burrito I understood why the prices were so cheap and the tacos and ice cream were what they were known for. The burrito was, to put it bluntly, gross. The hot sauce they used on it was disgusting so I wiped it off, but when I ate the burrito without the sauce, the burrito was plain and it had no flavor. It was like the nauseating sauce was the only source of flavor for the whole burrito, and that was one flavor I did not wish to endure any more of.

My roommates both decided to live on the wild side as well and try something other than a taco. They both got soup bread bowls. One of them got a Wisconsin cheese soup, which made up for my lack of flavor. Her soup was really good, the bread was grilled. She made a great choice. My other roommate got chicken enchilada soup, which I did not find nearly as good. Of course I think the fact that she found a brown hair in her soup, which by the way was not hers because she is blond, turned me off from her soup.

When we first sat down I decided that One Stop would be a good place to get away and do some homework, because my roommates and I were the only customers in the whole restaurant. I should have taken as an indication of how their food taste. It was dead silent in the place. I almost started to feel like I was trapped in a horror movie with a waitress who hated her life and wanted to kill everyone in the deserted restaurant, and I did not want that burrito to be my last meal.

About three families came in before we left and they all asked if they were to order up front or wait to be seated, so I was not the only dense one who did not know what was going on. All of the other customers ordered tacos, so I guess they knew the secret that I was not aware of, that if I expected to get a good meal I should have ordered what they are known for.

During the meal we were only asked once by the lovely cashier up front if we needed anything, which she made seem like a very hard task to even make the effort to come over and ask us.

Overall the visit was not my worse dining experience, but it was nowhere even remotely close to being one of the better experiences I have had. I would be willing to give it one more chance and try something different to eat or at least get a scoop of ice cream because it is kind of hard to go wrong on ice cream. Who knows, maybe the cooks and cashier were just having a bad day. They certainly did not make mine better.

I would suggest for One Stop to get a sign that says “order here,” so the customers would not be as confused, to get a cashier with a little more spunk and to make sure that they have clean dishes. Also as a suggestion for readers wanting to try the restaurant, I would suggest the fluffy tacos, or the Wisconsin cheese soup, and just be aware of the fact that it is not your imagination – it really does seem like everyone in the place took a tranquilizer before you arrived. It’s not you, it’s them. If nothing else ,you can start salsa dancing on the tables to liven things up. Who knows, maybe you will even make the cashier smile.