EAC presents first Green Week

EAC presents first Green Week

by Betsy KnudsonStaff Writer

The week of April 6-10, the Environmental Awareness Club will begin the push to make every day like Earth Day by celebrating Green Week.

“It is a way to remind people of the lots of ways they can live sustainably,” Ryan Rehmeier, assistant professor of biology, said. “People get a chance to become aware of some of the things they can do to make this possible.”

This will be the first year Simpson has had Green Week. There are many events scheduled to take place each day around campus throughout the week.

Monday’s events include a trash audit, earth dessert cups and a bag making party that turns plastic bags into sturdy, reusable bags. Monday is also the kickoff for the car key collection which encourages everyone to turn in their keys and walk places instead.

On Tuesday, students will be planting seedlings both on and off campus as well as biking around town for Bike Night. Students are asked to keep the lights off as much as possible throughout the day to save energy.

“Bad Hair Day Wednesday” challenges students to let their hair go natural by going to class without using electrical appliances like straighteners or hair dryers.

Wednesday is also “Green is SEXY Day.” Students are asked to wear green to show their pride. Rehmeier will also put together a short tutorial on the importance of being earth-friendly as a Forum event on Wednesday evening.

“No Shower Thursday” encourages students to save water and simply roll out of bed before class, even though this may not be any different than a normal Thursday for most students. There will also be a Forum event in Jordan Lecture Hall that features an episode of “Planet Earth” about saving species.

The week will wrap up on Friday as the EAC announces the total amount of coins collected throughout the week to buy acres of forest for the Rain Forest Alliance.

Friday will also feature an eco-friendly surprise from Rachel Bandy, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice.

“The goal of the week is to have everyone go home at the end of the week and think about what they should change in their lives and the way they live to help the environment,” senior Kate Tillotson, president of the EAC, said.

There are signs across campus spreading awareness about energy conservation and giving recycling tips. However, these signs will not be made of normal poster paper or tag board, but out of recycled paper.

One goal of Green Week is to change the campus culture and teach students the importance of continuing their efforts to help the environment.

During Green Week, there will be food that is produced locally offered for students, Food produced from places far way requires a lot of resources in the form of packaging and transportation. Purchasing food produced locally can eliminate some of those resources.

“Being earth-friendly doesn’t necessarily have to be an inconvenience,” junior Kathryn Lisk, vice president of public relations for EAC, said. “It can be easy and comfortable to live a sustainable life.”

One thing Lisk has been planning for quite some time is a trash audit. Students will sort all the trash collected from buildings across campus and remove everything that could have been recycled. The trash audit will take place in the middle of campus where students can see the results.

“This fits in with the college’s attempt to become sustainable as part of the president’s climate change committee,” Rehmeier said.