How to: Prepare for the Polar Plunge

How to: Prepare for the Polar Plunge

We keep seeing people around campus encouraging us to sign up for the Polar Plunge. It seems like an insane idea, running into really cold water in the middle of winter. But however insane it may seem, the Polar Plunge is one of the most wonderful things you will do all year.

To prepare for the Polar Plunge, there are some things you must do.

Form a team. You really do not want to be the guy that runs into the icy cold water by yourself. This is especially problematic, because you may want to scream like a little girl when you first hit the water. Not cool.

Therefore, you should form a team. Recruit your roommates, friends and random strangers to run into the water with you. If all of you scream like little girls, you can pretend it was intentional.

Make your costume. Traditionally each team comes up with costumes to make the plunge even more exciting. The best costumes win prizes and make you the envy of all other plungers. For instance, last year coach Jordan Davis wore a football helmet and pink tutu. He will forever be my idol.

To make the most out of your plunging experience, your team must be in costume. Dress as the Spice Girls, Men in Black or the Beatles. People will admire you, and you will be able to find your team really easily.

Practice. Whenever people say they don’t want to plunge, you know it’s because they are afraid of a little cold water. You should not be this person. You can conquer your fears by standing outside in your costume and having a friend pour buckets of ice water on you. Or you could put on your bathing suit and stand outside in a snow bank or run around campus in your costume and have a friend spray you with a hose. This is way worse than the plunge will ever be, so by the time you actually plunge, it’ll seem like a breeze.

Raise money. Each plunger must raise a minimum of $60 to participate. Let’s face it, we’re college students and there’s no way we’re paying our entry fees out of our own pockets.

However, this doesn’t have to stop us from plunging. Plungers are encouraged to ask for donations, and people are usually helpful when they realize that the money goes toward the Special Olympics. Unfortunately, with the current economic situation, people may not be as open to giving donations. Lucky for you, there are other ways of making money.

Ebay is a must-use tool of all broke college students. We can get rid of our old junk to people who will actually use it. Plus, people are way more willing to pay money for something they can hold in their hands. You could make cupcakes, origami cranes or pot holders. You could even advertise an old sock. As long as the customer gets to hold it in his hand he will be satisfied and totally joyful.

When selling things, realize that anything you don’t use is fair game. This includes old textbooks, your roommate’s shoes, and even your roommate. Ebay has a policy against selling people, but you can get around that by posting a “For Sale” sign on your roommate’s back and taking offers as you travel around campus. You will earn enough money in no time!

Sign up. This is the most important step, because the Plunge coordinators need to know how many crazy people to prepare for. Find one of the football coaches and ask for a brochure, or go to and fill out an online form. You can also register on site the day of the Plunge, but you must register in advance to get a super cool Polar Plunge sweatshirt.

Even if you aren’t planning on plunging, it’s totally worth it to show up at the Plunge and cheer on your friends. You’ll get to see all of the kooky costumes, and you might be hugged by sopping wet people. It will be the highlight of your year.