Rollover meals not an option at Simpson, Stairs says

Simpson’s increase in meal plan prices have started to make some students wonder if rollover meals would be more beneficial.

Currently, students can choose meal plans of six, 12, 14 or 20 meals each a week. During the 2008-2009 school year, the 6 meal flex plan cost $1,704 for each semester, the 12 flex plan was $3,634, the 14 meal plan was $3,732 and the 20 meal plan cost $3,634.The cost for the 2009-2010 school year will increase the standard 20 meal plan to $3,776, an increase of $142.

With the increase in meal plans, Simpson’s dining services are scrambling to appease students. Blair Stairs, general manager of Simpson dining services, said that they are trying to cater to the needs of all students.

We are trying to provide the best possible meals for students,” Stairs said. “We average about 8,100 meals a week for students, so we are trying to introduce new food items to our menu to entice them to keep coming back.”

Stairs also said they are putting together new menu items with more variety to get a more captive audience.

“When students don’t have any other options to eat on campus, we try to be the place they want to go to,” Stairs said. “We try to look take the comments made by the student board of directors from various colleges and universities to give various input on how they are running things to try to make Simpson the best possible place.”

Even though dining services is trying to better the college through new meal items, students say that engaging in a rollover meal program would be more beneficial.

Freshman Gaby Liedman said that a rollover meal plan would be the best