I love you, man’ has lots to laugh at, little to love

by Sarah KellerStaff Writer

Do you have a best friend that you do everything with and confide all of your secrets in? Maybe you have had that friend for years, or maybe you met him at college, but it is a nice feeling to have that one special person in your life, right?

Paul Rudd (“Roles Models”) stars in the movie, “I Love You, Man,” as Peter, a real estate agent who never had the chance to experience having relationships with guy friends in his life.

As his parents points out at one point in the movie, he always had a girlfriend but never really took the time to make a best friend.

This doesn’t bother Peter until he walks in on his fiancé’s girls’ night at their house and overhears the women making fun of him for not having any friends. Therefore, not having a best man in his wedding. Peter realizes he has a dilemma at hand. He needs to make friends and make them fast, so he enlists the help of his gay brother because he is “good with men.”

Peter has many failed, bizarre attempts at making friends through the set-ups his brother makes. He goes out to dinner with a man who thinks they are on a date. He drinks with some men and ends up throwing up all over a big and angry man. Nothing seems to be looking positive in his future as far as friendships.

Just after Peter gives up all hope of finding a man, he meets someone at the open house of a celebrity’s home he is trying to sale. The man’s name is Sydney (Jason Segal), and the two hit it off right away. At first, Peter does not know what to say around Sydney. He is very awkward because he has never had any male companions before and does not know how to act, but after a time they are inseparable.

Sydney helps Peter with many things in his life, such as how to act around other guys and to find self-confidence, but he also causes a few problems.

Since the men start spending so much time together, a strain is put on Zooey (Rachida Jones) and Peter’s relationship because he is starting to spend a lot less time with her. After conversations with Sydney, Peter starts to wonder why he is even marrying Zooey. Peter is faced with some decisions to make. Should he call off the wedding? Should he stop being friends with the man he spent so much time trying to find? Or is there a way to make both relationships work out? Only Peter could make that decision, which he does by the end of the movie.

The movie has comedic moments. Rudd and Segal’s characters play well off of each other, making the movie receive many laughs.

But if you are easily offended by crude language, then this movie is not for you. In other words, this is not a movie to take the parents or family to. It is probably best fit for a group of friends looking for a comedic romance with a nice message that does not make you think too much.

It was fun getting to go through Peter’s journey of finding a best friend. It makes me happy that I have always had best friends in my life and have never had to go through awkward traumatic experiences of finding a friend. However, at times the acting seemed to be over-played and a little cheesy.

All together the movie was Ok. It was not the worst movie I have seen, but it did not rank up there as one of my favorites. I would recommend seeing “I Love You, Man” only if you do not have to spend more than $3 at the late night show. Otherwise, I would suggest waiting until it is out on video to watch.