A Simpson Seussical’ planned for Lil Sibs Weekend

This year, Lil’ Sibs Weekend will be held April 4-5. As a weekend where Simpson opens its doors to some youngsters, participants will be able to enjoy a variety of activities like swimming, open gym, Bingo, movies at the Paramount Theatre, a carnival at Brenton Student Center and a late night meal on Saturday. This year a Sunday brunch will be provided at Pfeiffer and a barbecue at Pi Beta Phi that afternoon.

“Lil’ Sibs Weekend involves Simpson College students bringing siblings, relatives or friends ages kindergarten through sixth grade to Simpson College to see how their big sister or brother lives at college,” sophomore Gillian Howard, a Lil’ Sibs Weekend committee member, said.

The theme this year for Lil’ Sibs Weekend is “A Simpson Seussical,” and a good portion of activities and prizes will be a reflection of children’s favorite Dr. Seuss books.

“Prizes and activities are mainly going to be catering to younger children, and it’s more fun for everyone if they are the ones to win things,” Howard said. “The carnival activities are also focused on the younger kids. I suppose if someone really wanted to participate they could, but once again, it’s more about the little kids having a good time. Sunday brunch at Pfeiffer is as always open to everyone and the Pi Beta Phi barbecue and volleyball tournament are for everyone as well.”

The committee for Lil’ Sibs Weekend consists of six community advisers and Area Coordinator Sarah Churchman, who serves as the pro-staff member.

“The committee gathers a group of residence life CAs who help plan and brainstorm different ideas they think would be fun for kids,” Churchman said.

Even though the weekend is catered to children, Simpson students enjoy the opportunity to feel like a kid again.

“It’s fun bringing my little brother on campus for Lil’ Sibs weekend,” junior RJ Olsen said. “It gives me an excuse to act like I’m 12 again and I don’t feel guilty about it.”

Simpson has been hosting Lil’ Sibs Weekend for several years and according to Churchman, it is a program with a promising future.

“We have plans to make things easier in the future and would like to make it possible to register online next year,” Churchman said.

The registration deadline for Lil’ Sibs Weekend is Friday, March 20. The Lil’ Sibs Weekend committee is still in need of volunteers and sponsors to make this year’s sibs weekend possible. Some of the different types of volunteer projects include carnival help, serving as a lifeguard for the open swim and help with registration.

“As of now we don’t really have a good grasp on how many people will attend Lil’ Sibs Weekend this year, but my niece is coming so I know we at least have one.” Howard said.

The committee doesn’t usually know how many to kids expect, but they extend a broad invitation, so they plan for a pretty good turnout.

“Students who don’t have a little brother or sister are able to bring any other family member they want or even family friends. If students have a family they baby-sit for a lot, those kids are invited as well,” Howard said.

Those interested in participating in Lil’ Sibs Weekend can contact Churchman for more information.