He Said/She Said

He Said/She Said

He Said…

I forsee a couple of different issues with your current situation. The more easily remedied one is the fact that he is currently dating someone else. The harder thing to figure out is whether his girlfriend has been a cover up all this time and if you even have a chance of getting him to switch to your side.

As long as he’s not some straight-laced, goody-two-shoed loser, you could always pull a few of the “get out jail free” type rules. Like, different zip code different person, or what happens on spring break stays on spring break. Even the she’s a girl and you’re a guy so it’s not cheating could work.

Also, during spring break there tends to be an excessive amount of drinking and sometimes alcohol does silly things to people. You know what they say about tequila. So we could begin by going through one of those routes.

The seriousness of the relationship could also help or hinder your chances of getting some.

If it’s a pretty new relationship, him and his girl may have had a talk and decided that they’re both free to let spring break happen and if things go down, they go down. But, it could also mean that he’s still in the very much honeymoon stage and so his eyes are 100 percent focused on her, and you have no chance of getting him to crack.

I think your chances are also slightly higher if they’ve been together for an overabundant amount of time. It might be getting the point where he’s bored and he’s ready to try something new, completely new, like hitting for the other team new.

Either way, girlfriend or no girlfriend, I say give it a go. It’s Spring Break, you only live once and you don’t know until you try and like I said. It’s Spring Break, chances are, even if it’s not with him, they’ll be someone around to have a little fun with.

She said…

Well it is obvious what you want to do and I am going to be the voice of reason that tells you not to do it.

If you have some great Grey’s Anatomy scene playing in your head in which your McDreamy realizes that he doesn’t want to be in his committed relationship in order to be with you, and this spring break trip is going to be the perfect time to do so, snap out of it.

Real life is going to be different. If you go on this trip and start making your moves on him, you’ll have two possible outcomes. Number one, he will completely reject you, which would not be good on your self-esteem, not to mention it will make the rest of the break awkward for everyone involved. Or it could be the opposite.

It could be wonderful, he has been crushing on you for a while also, you may hit it off, have more fun with him than you’ve ever had with anyone… ever. Long walks on the beach, romantic candle-lit meals and something involving him wearing shiny armor and a white horse, whatever you have in mind for perfect.

Then reality is going to hit when his girlfriend calls him. She is going to be pissed. She will ultimately spin it so that you are the horrible person, because there is no way that it could be his fault. Your break is ruined and so is his.

My words of advice are Simpson is far too small of a college for you to start breaking relationships up, it will be all over campus by the next Monday. Not the best publicity after returning from your dream trip.

Long story short, it isn’t worth it to be crushing on a guy with a girlfriend. It won’t end well for you or him.

Enjoy your trip, maybe if something is meant to be, it will happen for you. Just forget about him and have a good time, because there are very few years left for you in which leaving all your commitments and responsibilities in life, to go to the beach and have a good time, is allowed.