Art show gives snapshot of seniors’ work

Art show gives snapshot of seniors work

by Sarah KellerStaff Writer

Senior art majors have been working for the past year and a half, pouring hours of work into artwork that will be displayed at the annual senior art show.

The senior art show will be held in Farnham Art Gallery April 10 – May 16. Five seniors will be represented in the art show this year.

The students started working on their pieces for the show last fall in their senior seminar class taught by professor of art, Dave Richmond.

“We met once or twice a week and talked about our ideas and progress, but otherwise the work was individual,” senior art major Annette Zimmerman said.

All of the seniors have different themes to their shows, but a lot of the seniors used photography as their concentration.

“I think that all of the senior’s shows are great,” senior art major Jackie Suckow said. “It’s been really great to see the progression everyone has made from the first day of class in the fall, when we all came with only our rough ideas.”

Suckow was one of the artists that chose to use photography for her show, even though her concentration as an art major is in graphic design. She said she chose to do darkroom photography because of the physical aspects of being in the darkroom. She liked seeing her image appear on the developing paper.

“I got my inspiration for my show from window reflections,” Suckow said. “All seven of my photographs are taken looking into a window or some type of glass. This helped me to create the layered, somewhat abstract look without using extra techniques in the darkroom. I tried to take my design style I’ve developed from the years I’ve taken graphic design classes and put them in a way into my photography.”

Zimmerman is also a graphic design major but she used digital photographs of children for her show. According to Zimmerman, her passion has always been photography.

“Next year I plan to be doing design work for a local photographer and have a creative position in graphic design, photography or a related field like marketing or advertising,” Zimmerman said. “If not, I will be doing freelance work.”.

Senior art major Stefan Ganchev’s portion of the show will involve digital paintings. After graduation, Ganchev will work as a web designer for a year in Des Moines and then he plans on either going to graduate school for an art related field or trying to get an internship.

Ganchev is excited for people to see the show because he has never had work displayed in an exhibit before, and he cannot wait to get feedback from people on his pieces.

“It’s exciting for every art major senior,” Ganchev said. “It’s like a combination of all your work throughout all these four, so it’s pretty important. If there are a lot of people, it’s going to be pretty nice,”

Ganchev is not the only senior that is excited about showing his work to the student body. Zimmerman believes that all of the seniors’ shows are very creative and intriguing this year.

“It is exciting that I’ve finally made it to this point–my senior art show–which seemed so far away four years ago,” Zimmerman said. “But I just hope to exhibit my talent to the public in a way that represents Simpson well.”

The display is open to the public. A reception will be held tonight, April 16 at 7:30 p.m. that is open to the public. The artists will also be available at the event to discuss their work.