FlipSide Face- Andrew Reid

FlipSide Face- Andrew Reid

Senior Andrew Reid may not be known for his outspokenness, but his influence on others both on and off campus is apparent.

“He is soft spoken, but clear and determined about his goals and values,” Professor of Economics Frank Colella said. “The most important of those is that he cares for others, be they fellow students, professors, family or newcomers.”

Reid, an economics and political science double major with a minor in philosophy, is originally from Houston, Texas. He takes great pride in his volunteerism and is always eager to recruit others for his causes.

“Something commendable and unique about Andrew is that he is always looking to get others involved in the issues that interest him,” Jim Hayes, associate dean and director of center for vocational and integrative learning, said. “He recognizes that if he is to be effective in giving back and making a difference, he needs to inspire others to join in.”

Reid has spent his four years at Simpson generating an impressive resume as a Wesley Service Scholar. He has worked with organizations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Iowa, Shalom Zone, Habitat for Humanity, service trips and more, racking up to 120 service hours every year.

Reid’s involvement and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed by his classmates, who hold him in high regards.

“Andrew cares deeply about volunteering, diversity issues on campus, and he can eat an entire package of double-stuff Oreos in a single sitting – that’s not an exaggeration,” senior Josh Dohmen said.

Reid doesn’t plan on giving up on his service to others in the near future. His future plans include doing work as a financial planner and teaching financial literacy classes to those who need them.

“The economy is bad right now, there is a lot of need for financial literacy classes,” Reid said. “I can help out and do what I love.”

Reid plans on spending the next year helping others with their financial situations in Miami, New York or possibly back in Houston, but then would like to pursue a law degree.

While the Simpson community will be missing a dedicated volunteer and leader on campus next year, Reid is confident that his younger sister Laura will be able to take over the Reid family legacy.

“My sister is a sophomore, so there is another Reid to follow in my footsteps,” Reid said.

Reid hopes that other students will also get involved and volunteer.

“The thing that is most important is getting people involved in their community,” Reid said. “I like helping people get involved in small ways, just getting them to try something.”

As Reid looks toward graduation and what will come about when he leaves campus in May, he leaves students with some final advice.

“Be yourself, and do what you can to help others along the way,” Reid said.