Let’s Hear It- What’s the best April Fool’s joke you’ve played or someone’s played on you?

“After a party one night my buddy called me and said he was in jail as a joke, then later on his way home, he actually did get arrested and I had to go bail him out.” -Freshman Endri Hindri

“In high school our basketball team told our coach his office was on fire and he freaked out.” – Sophomore Amanda Fichter

“The salted nuts can joke with the spring ‘snake’ inside scares everyone.” – Senior Andrew Wingen

“My friend called her mom and said she was pregnant.” -Senior Amy Weisenborn

“I heard once that some kids got together on a Friday and convinced other students that the following Monday was a holiday and then no one came to school.” -Freshman Elsen Hoxhall

“My friend called her parents and said she had enlisted in the army and was being shipped out soon.” -Sophomore Laura Roy