Sacrifice en route to success always worth while

Sacrifice en route to success always worth while

by Brittany FriesthNews Editor

As many of us may think, inspirational quotes are corny statements written by individuals who have too much time on their hands. I am one who truly enjoys these types of quotes.

I recently saw a quote that everyone may be able to relate to: “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”

I fancy any quote that focuses on perseverance, hard work and commitment. Oftentimes, they reminded me to focus on what is important now, as well as what goals I hope to pursue in the future.

What can you say you have accomplished? Is it being the first generation to attend college? Attend college in general? Studied abroad? Overcame the death of someone close to you? Achieved a personal goal, such as losing or gaining weight, breaking a record or earning the desired job or internship?

Time management and commitment are a couple things students and athletes alike have had to have along the way, but sacrificing to reach specific goals is what makes us successful. Oftentimes sacrifice is the one, and sometimes the most difficult, thing most of us have ever committed ourselves to. How far are you willing to go?

Sometimes it involves staying in one weekend to study for an A on Monday’s test. Meanwhile, putting the book down on a Friday night is difficult for others. Other times it is waking up at 5 a.m. for morning workouts to be the best possible athlete. If you can do it all and still be satisfied with the student and or athlete you are, kudos to you! For others, it may not be so natural.

Being a student-athlete, I personally have had to establish goals in a couple different realms of my life. As I reflect on the goals I achieved, I recognize that every single one of them involved sacrifice.

As we continue to mature in college and into “true” adulthood, our ambitions will change continually, as will the different situations in which we reach those objectives.

Along the way, I know I have found myself asking, “Is what I sacrificed worth it?”

Not only do I have the memories of accomplishments, but I have also demonstrated the ability and personal will to establish a goal and obtain it.

Entering my final year at Simpson, I am looking at my post-graduation future, which I am sure quite a few other seniors are doing as well. In an increasingly competitive job market, sacrifice will likely be necessary just to obtain a job and move upward in your career.

The willingness to demonstrate that you have sacrificed something of yourself, or in your life, proves you can and will put forth the required effort to be an asset to your employer. The ability to prove that you take initiative will be worthwhile.

I hope you recognize that in the path to reaching your objective that you are required to “do something you have never done.” Although the payoff is not always apparent, it is always worth the sacrifice.