Something to be singing about

Something to be singing about

by Kathryn LiskStaff Writer

Juniors and seniors remember it, sophomores have heard about it and freshman can’t wait to see what it’s all about: Saturday night karaoke is back on the Indianola Square.

CAB and The Brick House Pizza and Pasta Co. have recreated what upperclassmen remember as Signatures, or Sigs. Beginning at 10 p.m. every Saturday, Simpson students are invited to attend karaoke at The Brick House at no charge. The restaurant plans on serving pizza for $3 a slice and keeping the bar open.

Senior Lesley Olson is looking forward to the return of the karaoke event

“That was just the place to go at Simpson,” Olson said. “Whenever you asked someone where they were going they always said Sigs.”

Sophomore Theresa Vosberg is also excited for a new weekend hangout.

“I think it’ll be really fun and a great place to hang out,” Vosberg said. “It’s a nice alternative to have when making weekend plans.”

While karaoke on the square is certainly not a new activity, this is the first year it will take place at The Brick House. Manager Amanda Long said she is hoping it will help bring students into the restaurant on a regular basis.

“We wondered how to get Simpson students into the restaurant,” Long said. “As a former student, I thought bringing karaoke to The Brick House would be a great way to do that.”

CAB president Sarah Harl said she believes students are looking forward to karaoke.

“It’s always been a Simpson favorite,” said Harl, a senior. “It’s something a lot of students love and miss.”

Since Signatures closed almost two years ago, CAB hasn’t offered any weekend activities on the square besides discounted movies.

“We’ve looked for an alternative and that’s been a pretty difficult task,” Rich Ramos, assistant dean of students and CAB supervisor said. “When The Brick House reached out to us and the costs were similar to Signatures, we went with it.”

Sophomore Aubrey Menghini said she has heard about the former Signatures and is excited to see what all the hype is about.

“I’m not very good at karaoke, but it’ll be fun to watch everyone and to have a new meeting place on the weekends,” Menghini said.

Rather than holding karaoke upstairs as it has been in the past, The Brick House plans on keeping the dance floor and the stage on the main level.

“Our goal will be to keep it more open than it was before,” Long said. “The bar will be open, students can play shuffleboard, pizza will be available, and obviously, karaoke will be cranking. It should be a really fun time.”

While Olson couldn’t make it to karaoke last week, she plans on going several times throughout the semester.

“I think a lot of the social aspect of Simpson was gone when Signature’s closed,” Olson said. “I think this will help it get going again.”