He said She said

He said She said

by Bailey Harris & Drew RiebhoffStaff Writer & FlipSide Editor

Dear Drew & Bailey, My roommate’s girlfriend is always over and being annoying. She messes with my stuff, and I’ve definitely woken up to them “consummating their love” a few times, and I’m getting tired of it. How do I bring it up to him without making him mad or sounding like a jerk?

Sincerely,Sexiled in Station Square

She Said…

Well, the answer to this question really depends on a couple of things. First, how close you are with your roommate, and second, how close he is to this girl. I mean, there’s always the fight-fire-with-fire option; making them as uncomfortable as they’ve made you. You could leave your stuff around, ignore your dishes for a while, give the overbearing girlfriend the cold shoulder or maybe even forget to do your laundry for a few weeks. You could bring a girl home from the bar and let them see what it feels like to be “sexiled” for once. If the roommate is whipped, since she’s always around, this approach is sure to cause problems between you and your spineless roommate. I’ve always been a big fan of communication, so I suggest you do the grown-up thing and talk to him.. If you don’t want to sound like a jerk or be too harsh, don’t come out and say you hate his girl. Trust me, there are plenty of euphemisms for “annoying girlfriend.” You could be honest and tell her she’s “overwhelming” or tell him that you like her okay, but something needs to change.For example, tell him that you think it’s great that he’s so into this girl, but her constant presence has become a little overwhelming, and you’d like a little more space. Suggest that next time he wants to get some, he should get her a hotel room or wait until you leave to put a tie on the door knob. If that doesn’t help, and the clinger doesn’t take it down a notch, you’d honestly be doing your friend a favor to put all niceties aside and give it to him straight. Nobody needs to be giving up the things they enjoy like sports, activities, friends or even time to themselves for their significant other. If she becomes the bane of your existence and it’s just too much to handle, tell him you tried being nice but something has got to change. He’ll thank you for it someday like the day he sees her with the poor guy she latches onto next and thinks to himself, “Wow, I definitely dodged a bullet on that one.” He’ll get there. – Bailey

He Said…I agree with Bailey. I think the best option to get your friends’ attention without actually calling him out, is to fight fire with fire. Be completely obnoxious, for example, bring over loads of friends all the time so there’s no room for him or her to move. Have wild parties in your room on the weekends. Play your music so loud they can’t have a conversation and have a couple wild romps in your room at completely inappropriate times. This mode of attack could do a couple things for you. First, it might open your friends’ eyes. He’ll probably get really annoyed with you and wonder what kind of jerk acts like that, but he might realize that he and his second shadow are doing the same thing. He’ll feel bad and learn from his mistake, and in response, she’ll become less annoying.On the other hand, it might annoy them to the point where they won’t like to be in the room anymore and steer clear of each other as much as they can. If this happens, it’s a bonus win for you. Not only is the annoying girlfriend gone, but now you essentially have your own room and can do what you please. You can watch your BRAVO marathons, sleep naked, and live happily as a clam. However, this could also cut ties with your roommate altogether, but if he really is your friend you probably won’t go through with that option.So, it’s up to you. You could do the responsible thing and man up to have that awkward conversation. Otherwise, you can have fun, act like an ass, and possibly get your own room out of the deal.

– Drew