Bringing students, alumni together

Bringing students, alumni together

by Kati HerrStaff Writer

On Oct. 24, the Student Alumni Association had their second meeting for the fall semester. As a new group on campus, SAA was formed to promote bonds between students and alumni of Simpson College. The group will do a variety of service projects throughout the year and will provide students with an opportunity to network and build resumes with leadership opportunities.

This year SAA has had two meetings in the fall semester and has been in the process of setting up the structure of the group as well as electing officers and drafting by-laws.

“Members will learn about the college and have a unique opportunity to network with some of our most successful alumni,” Leslie Held, director of alumni relations, said.

Members of the group are of all grades with a variety of different interests. Students are expected to have an experience that is unique to most others as they learn leadership and networking skills within the group activities.

“We anticipate that this group of students will become one of our go-to groups if we need student input, volunteers or just have something fun in mind,” Held said.

Freshman Corrie McDonald said that she joined SAA because she wanted to help the alumni become more involved on campus and also to help current students want to be involved when they are alumni of the college someday.

Junior Molly Tubaugh joined SAA because one day she too will be Simpson alumna and wanted to get involved now so she could stay involved and start networking.

Although it is the first year of SAA as a campus organization and there are only a small group of members, the members have set high goals.

“We may be small but we have an awesome group leading us,” McDonald said.

Tubaugh also said that she is excited for the group to get involved with participating alumni in organizations such as the “I Have a Dream” foundation.

“I would love to see the group get a strong start with this association,” Tubaugh said.

SAA will be picking two events to host this academic school year. The alumni board of directors will be providing funds and support for the projects SAA chooses.

“They are so excited about this group that they have chosen to support SAA as this year’s project,” Held said. “That will provide the group with a start-up budget as well as additional support.”

The main goal of SAA is to help show students that their experiences on campus will last a lifetime.

“Simpson will provide you with a network of 18,600 people located in every state and throughout the world that are ready to lend you a hand as you start your career and perhaps move to a new city,” Held said. “To support Simpson is to invest in your own degree.”