Social issues on display in Farnham

by Sam DeardenStaff Writer

The next artist featured in Farnham Galleries is all about inspiration. Lee Rainboth is a painter who currently lives and works in Haiti.

He travels to other places in the world and uses his artwork to express to others what he encounters in his travels.

“They have taught me a great deal through their daily searching for life in so many ways,” Rainboth said. “Through their struggles and their triumphs and their simple moments of being who they are, (they are) beautiful creations worthy of attention. They have shown me so many things that I am compelled to communicate, some grand, others seemingly insignificant. All of these experiences and bits of reality are what inspire me to make the art that I do.”

This reason for creating his art is one reason why the painter was asked to come to Simpson College. Last year, Stephan Ganchev, undergraduate assistant to the Art Department found Rainboth’s work and knew he would be a worthwhile candidate to be featured at Farnham Galleries.

“He has very interesting paintings,” Justin Nostrala, associate professor of art and gallery director, said. “It is clear how involved he is to his artwork.”

Students will get a glimpse of Rainboth’s newest work at Farnham.

“I have seen samples of his earlier work,” Nostrala said. “He is bringing newer paintings to the Gallery. I look forward to his very recent work. It is ‘hot off the easel.'”

Rainboth hopes the dedication he shows in his artwork will serve as an inspiration to students who come to the exhibit.

“I’m excited to show an artist committed to one discipline and show someone who is committed to painting,” Nostrala said. “It’s okay to like painting and commit one’s life to it. That’s what Rainboth is about.”

Rainboth says he paints with a ‘figurative subject matter’ in mind and his paintings address larger world issues.

“I do oil paintings dealing with issues of poverty, justice and our collective global humanity,” Rainboth said.

The Art Department hosted a reception for Rainboth on Tuesday, Nov. 10, the opening day of the exhibit.

This artist is going to be a change of pace from recent types of art featured at Farnham Galleries.

“I have not seen this type of painting for awhile,” Nostrala said. “It is work that is really developed and a representational piece of artwork. The previous artist featured, George Rose, was more abstract. Lee Rainboth is more realistic in his paintings.”