FlipSide Face-Maeve Callan

FlipSide Face-Maeve Callan

by Bailey HarrisStaff Writer

When a new position opened up in Simpson College’s religion department, professor Maeve Callan viewed it as a lucky coincidence.

Callan is originally from Chicago, where she attended and taught at Northwestern University. Callan has lived in Des Moines for the last few years with her husband and two sons. The Callan’s took to the community right away, and loved the size and atmosphere of the Des Moines area.

When the job opened at Simpson, it was a perfect opportunity for Callan.

“It’s so coincidental, because this is exactly the kind of school that I would want to teach at,” Callan said.

Since August, Callan has enjoyed the closeness of the Simpson community, as well as the opportunity to interact with both students and faculty.

“I like how committed many students are to being aware of what goes on in the world and what they can do to make the world a better place,” Callan said. “I like that their understanding of an education is how you apply it to the world and the implications that has for making a more just society.”

One of Callan’s goals for the year is to get to know as many students as possible, to help them develop as students, and to get to know the faculty as well. The faculty she has met has high hopes for her contributions to the college.

“As a specialist in medieval history, Dr. Callan offers expertise that benefits at least two departments,” Mark Gammon, assistant professor of religion and department chair said. “Additionally, her interests in women’s studies and contemporary religious diversity allow her to contribute to the curriculum in a variety of ways.”

Jan Everhart, assistant professor of religion, agrees that she has the ability to strengthen the religion department as well as the women’s studies minor.

“In short, she is a wonderful fit for our department, our division, and Simpson,” Everhart said. “She is a knowledgeable, dedicated, and hardworking colleague who cares about students beyond the classroom, and I’m delighted to welcome her to our faculty.”