Fraternity rallies around ‘deserving’ cook

Fraternity rallies around deserving cook

by Amanda YanchuryStaff Writer

The members of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity have been working hard to raise support and money in order to help their ailing cook, Becky Spencer, pay medical bills. According to senior Nick White, a member of the fraternity, Spencer discovered last month she had brain cancer.

On top of all the stress of treatment, Spencer does not have health insurance to help pay for the expenses. ATO decided they wanted to plan something to help her out with these expenses. Spencer has been around more than 10 years and is an integral

“Becky is a great and very strong-willed person who would do anything for anyone,” Senior ATO president Nick White said. “When she was gone those first couple of weeks, it was really eerie going to the kitchen because it was so quiet. No one hung around down there because it wasn’t the same without her there.”

Senior Greg Sibbel has been a member of the house for four years and considers Spencer a dear friend of the house. He said wants to help her as much as possible.

“I decided to help because Becky is a great person and is deserving of all the help she can get,” Sibbel said.

The men of ATO have organized a can drive to help offset some of the expenses. Students can collect cans individually and give them to the fraternity. According to Sibbel, the fraternity has already raised $200.

“We are collecting aluminum cans and bottles and redeeming them,” White said. “We want to help out as much as we can.”

Along with the can drive, a few of the men are also helping to organize a bar crawl in Indianola as a fundraiser. Although this is not an ATO-sponsored event, White encourages Simpson College students to participate.

“Currently, there is a bar crawl planned for Becky’s cause that will take place on Dec. 5,” White said.

Sibbel is helping to plan the event.

“The bar crawl will be between the Zoo, Mojo’s, the Garage and the Brickhouse,” Sibbel said. “A t-shirt and wristband will cost $15 for Simpson students. Anyone with a wristband will get drink deals at the bars.”

Senior Cortney Bax plans to attend the bar crawl, and hopes that other students decide to do so as well.

“I think the bar crawl is a great idea,” Bax said. “A lot of college students go out and spend money at the bar and this way the money is going to someone who needs it. Not only is it a good deal, but it also gives students the chance to do a good deed.”

White says that anyone who wants to is encouraged to help out in any way they can.

“We welcome any and all support from anyone who wants to help out,” White said. “Whether it is through direct donations or through collecting cans for us, we greatly appreciate all the help we can get.”

White says the fraternity hopes to plan another major fundraising event in the spring, in the form of a chili/soup cook-off.

For more information about these events or to donate to the cause, contact Nick White at [email protected].