5 teens charged in Oct. attacks

by Hannah Pickett/News Editor

Prosecutors charged five teenagers in conjunction with the random attacks that happened near Simpson College last fall. Three teenagers pled guilty to assault causing injury; one pled not guilty; and the last teen’s plea is unavailable.  The attacks near Simpson College happened Oct. 11 and 12, and are believed to be completely random. The assaults injured three people, including one victim suffering severe facial injuries, according to Indianola Police Chief Steve Bonnett.Assistant Warren County attorney and prosecutor, Brent Hinders says there is no reasoning behind the attacks. “There’s no motive that I can figure out,” Hinders said.The accused teens and their charges, pleas and sentences:Carter Joel Spence, 18, pled guilty to one assault charge. He received a fine and was sentenced two years’ probation and given a pair of two year suspended prison sentences.Aaron Dominic Tolbert, 19, of Indianola pled guilty to one assault charge and pled guilty in connection with a concession stand burglary near the Indianola Middle School soccer fields. He agreed to a pre-sentencing interview with an Indianola officer and was fined $630.Taylor Blake Glorioso, 18, of New Virginia pled guilty to two charges of assault. He was sentenced Dec. 7 to two years’ probation and two 360-day suspended jail terms. He was also fined $630.Cody Dillon Wessel, 18, of Indianola pled not guilty to two counts of assault and one count of burglary (in conjunction with the concession stand burglary near the Indianola Middle School soccer field). His pre-trial conference is Jan. 25 with trial set for March 24.Dakotah Mason Wessel, 17, of Indianola was charged with burglary and assault. Because he’s a juvenile, his court record is unavailable.Skyler Fauble, 18, of Indianola pled guilty to burglary. His sentence is March 22.