Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

by Gabe Gilson/Staff Writer

Find out what Gabe will be talking about in next week’s Eye of the Storm:

Something very special happened in the town of Aberdeen, S. D., this year that not too many people have realized.

Division II Northern State University resides in Aberdeen and for the almost 2,500 students there, Don Meyer has been a staple of consistency for the men’s basketball program.

Because of his current circumstances, Meyer will retire after the season and will go out holding the record for the most wins all-time as a basketball coach: 922 wins.How can somebody even begin to fathom that number? All the work and talent it takes to get just one win can be hard enough, but 922?

That is where Don Meyer will leave his mark. Meyer is a lot different than the other coaches around these days. He has been with the school for 38 years, married to his wife Carmen for 42 years, has an amputated leg and also has been diagnosed with cancer.