CAB kicks off video blog challenge


by Kati Herr/Staff Writer

CAB is making efforts this month to boost viewing numbers on the group’s weekly video blog by hosting the Video Blog Challenge. Students will submit self-made videos about CAB events in hopes that theirs will be featured on the CAB weekly video blog on YouTube.

“CAB was looking for a way to increase their views on the weekly video blog that they post with upcoming events and we thought that if we had students make the blog, other students would be more willing to watch it,” sophomore Autumn Girres, marketing chair for CAB, said.

Students began creating their blogs on Feb. 8 and submissions will be accepted until Feb. 26. CAB sent out Facebook and e-mail invitations to all Simpson College students at the beginning of February, and one caught the eye of senior Kathryn Lisk.

“As soon as I heard about it, I started asking my friends in my video class if they would like to make one together,” Lisk said.

Girres said the videos will be judged by the CAB Executive Board along with CAB advisers Rich Ramos and Lindsey Scheeder.

“The winning video will be posted on YouTube and on the TV in the Grill on March 3 to promote the upcoming events for that week,” Girres said.

Lisk said she decided to participate in the Video Blog Challenge because of her interest in creating videos.

“Mostly, I’m just participating for fun,” Lisk said. “I really enjoy filming video and this is a relaxed, enjoyable way to do that with my friends.”

Lisk and her group plan to do all of the filming on campus but didn’t want to give away any details about her group’s video.

Ramos, assistant dean for student activities and CAB adviser, said that if the challenge receives a lot of participation, CAB may decide to do it more often.

“I think students should participate because it is something fun and different that students can do on their own time,” Ramos said. “It puts the power in the students’ hands to be creative and be the face for CAB.”Girres agreed that this is a fun and easy way for students to participate with CAB.

“Students should participate because it is a fun way to learn what others are doing on campus,” Girres said. “They get to do something fun with their friends and possibly win money for it.”

Girres and the CAB team hopes that the Video Blog Challenge will help encourage more students to participate in events around campus and even get involved with CAB.

“We hope that this will get students more interested in what CAB is doing,” Girres said. “The goal is to get students involved and to get more viewers of the CAB Video Blogs.”

Lisk thinks many students will get involved with the challenge because it is an easy way to participate.

“Making videos is fun and relatively easy,” Lisk said. “I don’t know why students wouldn’t want to get involved.”