Snow, snow go away or at the very least, clear the sidewalks

by Simpsonian Staff

We would all like for this winter to be over. However, the harsh and unforgiving truth is that it isn’t. With February coming to a close and not knowing what March will bring during this record-setting winter, it’s safe to say more snow is on the way. What does this mean for Simpson College?

It means more hassle, for one.

With all of this snow it is difficult to find a place to park during snow ordinances, but the necessary burdens must be overcome.

Frustrated students become irritable when driving their cars to places such as the parking lot by the baseball field to find that mounds of snow prohibit them from parking there.

It means carefully sliding to class on the icy sidewalks.

We know campus cannot be perfect, but when it comes to student and faculty safety, more time and effort should be taken to clear off sidewalks and building entrances.

Some people have literally “fallen” victim to the treacherous spots outside of Carver and the library. Students are also testing their winter walking skills at other tricky spots including in front of Clinton, Colonial and Washington apartments.

The first snowfall was in October. Three months and over 50 inches of snow later – a few inches here and there seems like not a big deal, but it is.

Let’s try not to forget about those of us who walk to classes everyday. Winter is hopefully almost over, and we should work hard to keep campus as safe as it was in early November when this nasty winter started.

This winter has been annoyingly treacherous and the record amounts of snow have taken a toll on everyone, especially the maintenance crew at Simpson, and we are grateful for their hard work and efforts.

We realize that every sidewalk cannot be cleared all of the time and every snowflake cannot be removed from campus. But don’t forget about our safety, some of us aren’t very good skaters.