Tatum reaches new levels in ‘Dear John’

by Hanna Russmann/Staff Writer

One word describes “Dear John” – tearjerker. You will most likely tear-up, cry or flat-out bawl at some point during this movie because it is intense.”Dear John” is based on the Nicholas Sparks novel and is directed by Lasse Hollström.

Channing Tatum is known for being a mega-hottie, but his portrayal of John Tyree definitely proves that a combination of hot and sensitive can sell tickets. A man who can cry is 10 times hotter than a man who can only take his shirt off. Tatum has reached new levels as an actor.

Amanda Seyfried has come a long way from using her breasts to tell if  “there is a 30 percent chance that it is already raining.” Seyfried’s “Mean Girls” days are over. In her portrayal of Savannah Curtis, Seyfried proves she can do serious acting.

For everyone who didn’t read the book, the movie is set in Charleston, North Carolina and the various places John is deployed. While John is on leave and Savannah is on spring break, John and Savannah engage in a two-week love affair they hope to prolong through letters. Only 12 months are left of John’s tour, when he first leaves Savannah. That is until 9/11 happens, and John is torn between the woman he loves and his duty to his country. Duty wins out and the letters continue, but it puts a serious strain on their relationship.

All the while this is happening, Savannah helps John understand and reconnect with his father. The relationship John ends up having with his father is almost as emotional as one he has with Savannah.For everyone who did read the book, I feel the movie stayed pretty true to the book. If you’re someone opposed to going to see this movie because you think it will ruin the book, don’t be. Most of the changes were minor and I think made the movie better than the book. One change I think I can share with you is that Savannah’s family friend Tim is Alan’s father and not his brother, and it doesn’t really change the storyline at all.

One change that I think would have made the movie even better would be lengthening the time spent during the first two weeks when John and Savannah met. Nicholas Sparks put so much detail into that part in his book that I found myself wanting more of it in the movie.

To all the guys out there: this is a serious date movie. Take your girlfriend to see this and really watch it. If you watch this movie with all seriousness, you could come out at the end really liking it, which of course would play well with your girlfriend. However, you have to really like it and not just pretend you saw it and say you cried, because girls will ask what your favorite part is and then you’re busted.

I absolutely recommend this movie to everyone. If you haven’t seen it, go as soon as possible because you’re missing out.