Simpson narrows insurance choices

Ever since the news that Aetna Insurance would be cancelling the current insurance policy for Simpson College, the Health Services department has been working furiously to find a new insurance policy for Simpson students.

According to Rita Audlehelm, director of health services, Simpson has received three proposals from three different insurance companies. Each company has its own characteristics and perks with each proposal given.

“We’ve received bids from United Health Care, First Agency and Student Assurance Services,” Audlehelm said. “The proposals were for student health insurance that would provide coverage year round. Each plan has different levels of coverage and different premiums based on the levels of coverage.”

While there are unique characteristics of each company, Audlehelm assures that the companies will provide the best coverage for Simpson students.

“The policies are all geared to meet very basic health needs of typical college students. All plans have an online waiver system, resources for students on the company’s Web site and basic coverage for health care including a prescription plan.”

With the new company, Audlehelm still hopes to have a policy that is similar to the policy that Aetna currently provides for Simpson students.

“Simpson would like to duplicate the plan and coverage that is currently provided by Aetna,” Audlehelm said. “Some companies will customize a plan, but that is more frequently an option when large numbers of students purchase the plan. At Simpson in the past two years we have had a little more than 100 students purchase the coverage, the small number may impact our ability to have a customized plan.”

Regardless of the new plan and new company, some Simpson students still plan to waive the Simpson insurance policy and stick with their current plans.

“I currently have insurance through my parents because it’s free,” sophomore Bryan Bruening said. “Even with the new company and policy, I believe that I’d remain with my parents health care because free is cheaper and overall less expensive. And with the labor union, we have really good coverage.”

For freshman Adam Bobier, the decision of whether to switch insurance providers depends on the quality of the coverage.

“My insurance is currently through my parents because of the benefits,” Bobier said. “I’m not sure if I would switch insurance policies from the one from my parents to what the school has to offer. It really just depends on the cost of what all the insurance entails. I’d really have to take into consideration what the benefits were of switching and what not.”Sophomore Cameron Scott said he was on the same page.

“I use the insurance through my family because my entire family is covered under my dad’s job and it’s less expensive,” sophomore Cameron Scott said. “I don’t think I’d switch providers either because I’m more familiar with the insurance that my dad’s work provides for the family and they’ve been excellent with providing coverage.”

Audlehelm said Health Services hopes to have a new insurance policy chosen by the end of this month.