FlipSide Face: Kirk Ford


Performing in a band, co-hosting a radio show and holding multiple fraternity offices would be enough to keep anyone busy. Sophomore Kirk Ford is doing that and more.

As a criminal justice and economics double major, Ford has racked up quite the list of involvements during his two years at Simpson College. His band—comprised of Ford, sophomore Devin Sietstra and senior Jordan Peterson—took on the name “SPF-3” for their performance in Simpson’s Got Talent, but they are an ever-changing group.

“It’s not very official; we’re more of a jam band welcoming anyone to come play,” Ford said. “We cover classic rock and blues tunes and often meander into extended jam odysseys.”

In addition to being his band-mate, Sietstra also co-hosts the weekly “Mutt and Dutch” radio show on Simpson’s KSTM radio. Their show features a variety of music styles, and Ford encourages his fellow students to listen in to find out more. He loves having time to unwind and relax while listening to the music they play, but worries about the future of the show.

“The biggest fear is getting the station’s license funding from SGA dropped,” Ford said.

Ford also enjoys being a very active member and officer of the Kappa Theta Psi fraternity and holds more than three offices. He currently serves as the chapter’s vice president, master of athletics, and master of PR and will serve as next year’s HA. He says he enjoys that the small size of his chapter allows the men to get to know each other better.Senior Justin Mark, one of Ford’s fraternity brothers, said that Ford is an excellent student, makes his studies a priority and that he’s an all-around great guy who is always very accepting of others.

“Kirk has been in Kappa for under a year and has already shown great potential,” Mark said. “He is also one of the nicest guys I’ve met on campus.”

Fellow band-mate Peterson also considers Ford an accepting and easygoing person. He said that Ford plays drums for the band and brings a lot of fervor to their jam sessions.

“He is a calm and laid back person, but he is always enthusiastic about playing with us,” Peterson said.

As if these commitments weren’t enough, Ford also participates in SIFE, the Criminal Justice Club, pep band and campus worship. When he happens to finds a moment of spare time in his busy lifestyle, Ford enjoys jogging, hanging out with friends and meeting new people. He is also looking forward to the next RAGBRAI.Ford hopes to find time to enjoy the rest of his time at Simpson without getting too caught up in grades and an overwhelming schedule. He is considering a career in law enforcement, but with two years left at Simpson, he isn’t exactly sure what he wants to do yet. He has definitely enjoyed and made the most of his college years thus far.

“(I) Feel very fortunate and privileged that I’ve met the people I have and am thankful of the opportunities that have been extended my way,” Ford said.