How to tell if he’s falling for you


Boys are people too, but when it comes to love, they seem to operate under a totally different set of rules.

It’s next to impossible to decipher whether a boy is falling head over heels in love with you when he won’t just tell you.

I know several boys personally, have a father who was once a boy and I’ve talked to a boy out loud before.

With my extensive boy background, I am pretty much an expert on the intricacies of boy behavior.

I have discovered ways to tell if the hunk you’ve got your eye on likes you back.

Virtually Romantic: He accepted your friend request on Facebook and he even invited you to be his neighbor on FarmVille! Plus, when you sent him a hay bale, he totally sent one back! This is the modern version of true love. Previous generations relished the chance to connect on an emotional and spiritual level, but you two are able to connect virtually. This relationship is just as beautiful, and you are learning vital teamwork skills as you work together and fertilize each other’s crops. With you as a neighbor, he’ll never need anyone else.

Teasing: He returns the favor when you flirtingly throw a pillow at him. Maybe he throws a little harder than necessary and gives you a bloody nose, but that’s just because he’s passionate. Boys always tease the girls they love.

Vulnerability: He makes a point of talking to you when he needs help with something. Though he is too shy to talk with you the rest of the time, your man shows he sincerely cares for you by letting you in when he’s feeling vulnerable. As you finish his calculus homework, compliment his skills at Mario Kart and offer to write that Western Civ. paper he’s been stressing over. By sharing his struggles with you, he allows you to bond and grow more comfortable with each other.

There is a perfectly good explanation if:He doesn’t return your calls. This is a sign that he truly cares. Upon receiving your emotion-filled message, his tender heart is overwhelmed with love for you. He spends days trying to decide on the perfect thing to say.

Take pity and call him again; twenty times if necessary. If the phone is disconnected, understand that he isn’t emotionally prepared for a phone conversation. To show how much you care, go to his dorm room and ask to talk. If he doesn’t come out or his roommate says he isn’t home, wait outside in the hallway and compose a love song for him until he appears.He ducks into the men’s room when he sees you coming… and doesn’t come out for an hour (you know because you waited for him). If he does this, he undoubtedly has a giant zit on his forehead that he is embarrassed for you to see.

To reassure him that you love his inner beauty and won’t even notice his deformity, yell compliments into the bathroom every time someone goes in or out.

Hearing your voice every few minutes will reassure him that you haven’t left and are really there for him.

With my relationship advice, you will always know when a boy is falling desperately in love with you, even if he isn’t able to tell you himself. No matter how much he tries to deny his love, comfort him with promises that you will stay with him and that your love will last forever. This is just what he needs to hear.