Environmental Club hosts a Dr. Seuss-inspired Green Week


by Kati Herr/Staff Writer

The second annual Environmental Awareness Club Green Week will take place March 29-April 2. The theme this year is “The Lorax” from the book by Dr. Seuss and the week will be complete with a showing of the movie “The Lorax,” a recycled art show, a “LOCAVORE” dinner and many other innovative projects.

  “Because Earth Day always falls on either dead week or finals week, EAC decided to celebrate it early,” senior Kathryn Lisk, EAC vice president of public relations, said. “As we began brainstorming, we realized we had too much to fit into one day and decided to use an entire week to promote the planet instead.”

With a bigger budget in hand, the EAC plans to make Green Week bigger and better than last year.

“We’ve added events and activities this year, which is very exciting for us as a club,” Lisk said. “More than anything, EAC hopes to make the Simpson community aware of the effects their actions have on the environment.” 

Junior David Ward, EAC treasurer, explained that the events will be more creative and more involved than last year. Ward said the EAC’s biggest project is going to be the “LOCAVORE” dinner, where food will be purchased from local food vendors. In correlation with the RLC’s Food for the Soul, the EAC will make a dinner out of all locally-grown food for students.

“We didn’t do the “LOCAVORE” last year and we didn’t do a recycled art show last year,” Ward said. “We want to promote environmental awareness and we want people to realize there is stuff they could do while living at Simpson to make themselves more friendly to the environment.”

Freshman Zach Huebener said he will be participating in various activities during Green Week as a member of the EAC.

“Green Week is a great time to be more environmentally friendly,” Huebener said. “When lots of fun activities are going on, you can participate very casually without being labeled as a lifelong ‘green freak.'”

Huebener said he will encourage students to participate by showing them how fun the activities will be.

“I hope that Green Week will make many students more aware of the benefits of helping the environment and how they can do this on a personal level,” Huebener said. “I think it would be awesome if environmental friendliness became more of a campus-wide effort instead of something that is done by only a handful of students.”

Lisk and Ward encourage students to get involved in all of the Green Week activities because it is a great way to get involved on campus and to help take a personal stand for the environment.

“Green Week is going to be fun for everyone who gets involved,” Lisk said. “Whether it’s scoring a free water bottle, dinner or a button, we hope to show students that living a sustainable lifestyle is easy.”

Huebener also emphasized that college is a great time to try something new and getting involved with Green Week is a great way to start.

  “I encourage everyone to get involved somehow and to not be afraid to try something new or different during Green Week,” Huebener said. “You never know, you might have a lot of fun.”