Ford: Save your money, one quarter at a time

 So you’re in college.  And chances are you’re poor.  You remember just how glorious and epic it was that one time you found a dollar bill in the washer.  Well, the members of SIFE would like to share a few handy tips of how to save a buck or two:  Buy textbooks online (Amazon is one example). Actually utilize the library; they have many books too. One word: GOODWILL. Keep an eye on all of your bank accounts and credit cards.  Don’t become lazy – keep entertainment cheap, fun, and simple. Alcohol is expensive; it’s not hard to find alternative ways of having fun. Take advantage of $3 movie weekends and other CAB sponsored activities.  Budget – plan and allocate – your money to reduce wasteful spending.  Switch to a smaller meal plan. How many people actually eat 21 cafeteria meals a week?  Drive less; walk or bicycle around campus and town more.  Trim cell phone plans and bills.  Coupons are actually cool now, and plentiful. Save quarters for laundry money or do laundry when you go home. Make shopping and grocery lists and stick to them. Buy generic brands and buy in bulk, assuming you plan to use it all. Don’t impulse buy, and shop around for better prices. Hopefully some of these will be beneficial to you. At least they will be to your wallet or purse.  Also be sure to check out the upcoming Ethics Bowl “Faculty Edition” forum event on March 29th.  Some of Simpson’s most well-known professors and staff will compete with a student panel judging them.  Keep your eyes open for more details.  The grand finale each year for SIFE is to make a presentation of several of our projects at the regional competition and hopefully doing well enough to advance to the National Competition. This year we will be competing April 8th at the Chicago Regional Competition. 

Kirk Ford is a sophomore majoring in Economics/Finance and Criminal Justice.  He is a member of Students in Free Enterprise, an organization focused on economics, entrepreneurship and personal finance. SIFE meets each Wednesday at 3 p.m. in McNeill Hall.