Campus 411

Cash or credit? Now use either

Students and faculty can now use credit cards in several vending machines on campus. The initiative by Student Government Association began in part as a response to a survey in which students said they’d like to be able to have more credit card options things on campus. Junior SGA senator Amanda Fichter helped to spearhead the project. “We have had a lot of feedback that people don’t carry cash a lot on campus,” Fichter said. SGA has been working on the project all school year, Fichter said. Currently, soda machines in McNeill Hall, the Amy Robertson Music Building and Cowles Fieldhouse are able to accept credit cards. The machines in these buildings were chosen because they are used the most.Fichter would now like to expand the credit options to vending machines that offer food, and machines in other buildings, including Dunn Library. She said SGA is also looking into possible ways to pay to use campus copy machines using credit cards or a student’s printing allowance.Overall, Fichter said feedback has been positive.”Faculty and students are talking about how it is really convenient,” she said.

Seniors vote on aquarium as gift

The senior class has selected an aquarium/terrarium as their gift to donate to the school. In a survey e-mailed to students several weeks ago, students were asked to choose between the aquarium/terrarium, a time capsule commemorating Simpson’s 150th Celebration – which the school will celebrate next fall, and patio furniture for the student center. Around 160 seniors participated in the survey. The aquarium/terrarium will be placed in Brenton Student Center.Sara Roeser an advancement assistant in the Department of College Advancement has been helping to oversee the gift-selection process.Now that a gift has been selected, Roeser said it’s up to seniors to raise the money to purchase it. “It’s important to note, the gift is purchased strictly by the students,” Roeser said. “If the cost of the gift is not raised by the senior class, an alternative decision of what to do with the money raised needs to be made.”Assuming the money is raised, Roeser said the decision of when and how the gift is presented is left to the gift committee.

Campus Security Crime Log

March 5-6: A theft from a motor vehicle was reported in the 700 Block of North C St. The alleged theft was thought to have taken place between 10 p.m. March 5 and 5 p.m. March 6. Missing articles included a book bag, coats and an iPod. A report was filed with the Indianola Police Department. The case is under investigation.