School of Rock’ hits the right note for Greek Week


by Dana Lain/Staff Writer

Greek Week will kick off March 29 and run through March 31 with “School of Rock” as the theme. The week gives Greeks across campus the opportunity to come together through friendly competition.

Greek life has been at Simpson College for over 100 years and this year isn’t any different when it comes to celebrating the Greek community.

“Greek Week is the biggest tradition and it gives the chapters a chance to bring the community together with friendly competition, other great events and to celebrate being Greek,” Lindsey Sheeder, Greek adviser and assistant director of student activities, said.

The events put on for Greek Week are meant to inspire competition among the chapters to win the Greek Week Champion title while also bringing chapters closer together.

“It’s a great time for everyone to come together and participate in fun events and feel united as a Greek community,” sophomore Theresa Vosberg, Greek Week co-chair, said. “As for Simpson students, I hope that this week shows them that we are a community first and individual chapters second and that we can all pull together for a good cause, (such as) this year for relief efforts in Haiti.”

The week’s events include a banner competition where each sorority and fraternity will create a banner and they will be hung in the BSC Gallery for the entire Simpson community to see.

There will also be the annual penny drive. The penny drive is a competition where the chapter with the most change collected will be the winner of the competition. They will be donating all funds collected to Haiti relief efforts, and other organizations are welcome to join in on the competition.

“The more change we collect the better,” Sheeder said.One of the main events will be the Lip Sync show. All students are invited to watch this talent show, cheer on their friends and decide whom the best lip sync artist is.

Greek Jeopardy will be featured, giving the Greeks a chance to brush up on their Greek history and fun facts. A photo scavenger hunt will also take place, which will take Greeks around campus following clues to find the item hidden on the grounds.

For the final competition, each chapter will have their own Olympic team and will compete in the Greek Olympics.

In addition to the various competitions, there will also be a featured speaker. Each year the Greek community chooses a speaker to speak on different issues that are important to the Greek community, such as leadership and the importance of community.

“This year Judson Laipply will be our speaker,” Vosberg said. “He is well known from YouTube for his ‘Evolution of Dance’.”Sophomore Tyson Wirtz, Greek Week co-chair, invites all Greeks to work together during the week.

“I hope that all Greek students see this week as an opportunity to come together and work as a community,” Wirtz said. “While there is a certain amount of competition involved, the atmosphere is intended to be completely friendly and there are certain events, such as Penny Wars, that are designed to raise money for Haiti.”

Wirtz also encourages non-Greek students to attend many of the events because the week is designed to be fun for everyone.  

“I also hope that students that aren’t Greek show up to the different events such as Olympics and Lip Sync to cheer their friends on.”