Smithart: Give to charity, style your sole

Smithart: Give to charity, style your sole

TOMS Shoes, based out of Santa Monica, Calif. is coming to the Simpson campus and has a growing message. TOMS Shoes’ business is unique in its design and its business is geared toward charity. For every pair of TOMS you buy a pair is given to a child in need.

Kids around the world grow up barefoot and sometimes walk miles a day just to get clean water. In countries where walking is the primary mode of transportation, shoes help prevent cuts and sores from being infected.

Also, many schools require shoes as part of the uniform; no shoes? No school. More and more it seems we find that some of the things we take for granted everyday are held as most precious in the eyes of those less fortunate.

On the evening of March 28, Simpson College, under the support of RLC and the Triathlon Club, will be holding a two-part event for the Des Moines, Indianola and Simpson communities. The first part will be a dodgeball tournament.

This relates to TOMS because the entrance fee will be $45 per team (enough to buy one pair of shoes for a prize and one pair of shoes to give to a child in need) with 10-12 people on each team. That averages out to about $4 per person.

With possible help in funding, this entrance fee could soon be free to Simpson students. Having spoken with representatives in the local Indianola community, I know some businesses are excited by the chance to form a team that will help them reclaim the glory of their athletic days.

We are hoping also to get other surrounding colleges involved as well. I mean, who wouldn’t want a crack at a Central College team?

The second part of the event will be directed towards those who don’t feel the need to show off their athletic talent to support TOMS.

Welcome to the Style Your Sole party. The Style Your Sole party consists of purchasing blank canvas TOMS through their online store ( using the coupon code CAMPUSSIMPSON.

The next step is bringing those shoes to the party, where you can take your shot at designing your own style of shoe either competitively or just for fun. For the overly ambitious, there will be time to participate in both events.

With the support of the surrounding community, the goal is to provide food and door prizes to all participants and prizes for the winners of all of these events. 

With your help we can make this event a success. There are endless ways you can help support this event and this movement. My hope for this event is to bring our community together for a great time and an even greater cause.-Peace, Love, TOMS