Simpson Pro-Life takes part in T-Shirt Week


by Kati Herr/Staff Writer

The Simpson Pro-Life group will be participating in the National Pro-Life T-Shirt week during finals week, April 26 to May 3. This event has been put on in previous years by national pro-life groups, but this is the first year it will be brought to Simpson College. The Simpson Pro-Life group is planning on wearing the T-shirts on April 27.

Junior Aaron Sewell, president of Simpson Pro-Life, said that in previous years an event like this would have been difficult for the Pro-Life group to get active participation in for fear of offending people with the message affiliated with it.

“This year we can’t be afraid of offending people,” Sewell said. “If we’re not offending anyone, than something is wrong.”

The Pro-Life group will be putting up posters about the event and selling T-shirts so Simpson students outside of the Pro-Life group can also participate. Although Pro-Life group meetings have ceased for the rest of the semester, information will still be administered to the student body about the event.

Junior Mackenzie Hinrichs, secretary of Simpson Pro-Life, said the goal of participating in this group is to show that the Pro-Life message is not just “Don’t do this and don’t do that,” but rather promoting a more positive message to students on campus.”The T-shirt event is going to bring positive awareness of pro-life and making people aware of other options,” Hinrichs said. “Pro-life needs to shine in a more positive light and we hope to bring that to Simpson College during this week.”

Hinrichs commented that currently, a very negative attitude is given towards most pro-life groups.

“Pro-Life decided to participate this year because we feel that negative things are coming from the phrase ‘pro-life’,” Hinrichs said. “We want pro-life to be seen as something that is positive and that there are options other than abortion.”

Sophomore Janine Kobylinski is a member of the Simpson Pro-Life group and will be participating in the T-shirt week.

“I think we want to establish ourselves as a group around campus by participating in this,” Kobylinski said. “We also want people to see the strong force that is being created with pro-life groups across the nation.”

The Simpson Pro-Life group is a new group as of the last academic school year but Kobylinski said that this project will allow the group to be more formally recognized on campus.

“We decided to participate this year because we wanted the campus to see that we do care and are always looking for ways to promote our group on campus,” Kobylinski said.

Sewell said that this event is the start of what he hopes will be an exciting and changing year for the Pro-Life group at Simpson.

“This event is just a taste of what the group has planned for next year,” Sewell said. “I’m pretty excited.”