Taking the plunge for worthy cause

by Dana Lain/Staff Writer

The fourth annual Polar Plunge in Warren County will be held this Saturday and several teams from Simpson are ready to jump into the freezing water of Lake Ahquabi.

Simpson’s connection with the Polar Plunge began four years ago when several senior football team members decided to put together a team to raise money for the Special Olympics. They are now known as the Buxton Boys and each year they dress in their finest attire and run into a chilling 20 plus degree water.

The cause has spread across campus and along with the Buxton Boys, there are now three new teams. Iowa Sigma, Simpson Animals and Team CJ are all ready to jump into cold waters to raise money for an important cause. Other teams from around Warren County are also involved, including the BB’s, Warren County Sherriff’s Office, Kane/Hy-Vee, Hy-Vee, Inc., Norwalk PD, Norwalk Police Department and REMtastic, REM Iowa Community Services.

“Every year we get more and more involvement,” Nathan Seberg, assistant marketing director of Simpson College Athletics, said. “It started as a senior project and now it’s an opportunity for the football team and alumni to get together and help raise money.”

The Buxton Boys have raised $1,830 for their team.

Seberg has been a part of the Warren County Polar Plunge since the beginning.

Each team is asked to raise $60 per participant and all proceeds go to the Special Olympics organization.

The event includes each team having their name announced before they run into the lake where they are met by the Indianola Search and Rescue Squad. Then once the teams take the plunge, they have Special Olympics athletes speak.

“I’m not sure exactly why we decided to take part in the Polar Plunge but it seemed that like something fun to do and also a great way to help out and raise money,” senior Rebecca Varner, member of Environmental Awareness Club and Pre-Health Society, said. 

Varner put together the Simpson Animals team and has so far raised $85.

Each team has at least ten members and if you don’t feel like jumping into the freezing water you can still be a part of the fun.

Those who aren’t able or just don’t want to get wet can register as a Chicken.

Once you raise your pledges Chickens receive a free T-shirt that says “To Chicken to Plunge” and watch the plunge from a safe distance.

There are many other prizes for people who raise money along with the enjoyment of doing something great. The Plunge will be taking place on Saturday, April 10 at noon at Lake Ahquabi. The money raised provides competition and training in 22 Olympic-style sports for over 11,000 athletes in Iowa.

“It’s great to get back together with the football guys,” Seberg said. “It’s like getting an ice bath together all over again.”

Everybody is encouraged to come out and cheer on their Simpson friends and take part in the fundraiser. Seberg is promoting the campus to support the Special Olympics by either donating or taking part in the event.