The countdown to May Term is on


by Sam Dearden/Staff Writer

As finals loom closer, there is one reprieve that everyone is looking forward to: May Term. For those who are not traveling or involved in internships, there will be plenty of fun activities put on by both CAB and Intramurals here on campus.

According to sophomore Tyson Wirtz, CAB co-president, CAB will be bringing back many of the same activities they have put on in past years. Past events have included games of capture the flag, a slip-n-slide, a Cinco de Mayo party and many other smaller events. Wirtz hopes that because students typically have more free time, more students will come participate in the CAB-sponsored events.

“Students usually have a lot of down time during May Term and are able to hang out with friends,” Wirtz said. “If the right events are held then people show up pretty well. We hope that students will get out of their rooms and enjoy others company during the three weeks we have available.”

The members of CAB are hard at work planning new and exciting activities to fit in the May Term schedule. Junior Kellie King, CAB co-president, said there will be many concerts and other events featured at a discounted price.

“So far, we know that we will have discounted tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls, Barnstormers and I-Cubs games and possibly Owl City as well,” King said. “(There will also be) Creative U, free Dip n Dots and discounted movies on the square.”

There will also be many activities outside for students to participate in.”We are trying to put together an outdoor campus gathering either on campus or out at Lake Ahquabi,” Wirtz said. “We would like to have a grill out, outdoor games, volleyball and anything else that people would like to do.”

Participating in intramurals activities is also a fun-filled way to get outside during the three weeks of May Term.

Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities and intramurals, said that some of the activities offered will include sand volleyball, West Grand golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Bags and Bocce Ball. There will also be changes to how the softball games will be run.

“We are…changing the softball program around, so instead of having a running league and tournament, there will two nights of tournament play out at Pickard Park,” Darling said. “We added a men’s slow pitch along with our co-ed slow pitch.  By holding it at Pickard Park we can offer a place for friends and fans to come hang out and watch games.”

May Term has often been a time where a lot of students participate in Intramurals.

“Intramurals is huge during May Term because we have activities every day during May Term and often times more than one activity,” Darling said. “I think students look forward to May Term because there is so much offered for them to partake in, and it allows them to spend time with their friends.”