FlipSide Face: Braden Everding


Whether you have watched him on the football field or were entertained by him during his Simpson’s Got Talent performance, you have probably heard the name Braden Everding somewhere on Simpson’s campus.

Everding is a sophomore here at Simpson majoring in exercise science.  He came here from the small town of Tripoli, Iowa and has been fond of Simpson since he began his college search.

“I liked the school and the coaches here,” Everding said.  “I just got a good vibe.”

Everding’s main activity he participates in is through football.  He is a linebacker for the Storm and coach Jim Glogowski has nothing but good things to say about him.

“He is a hard working kid that has a great personality both on and off the field,” Glogowski said.  “He is very quick witted and a lot of fun to be around.”

When he is not playing football, Everding claims you can find him involved in plenty of other “shenanigans” around campus.  He will be participating in the upcoming Goodwill Fashion Show and was a second-place finisher in Simpson’s Got Talent with his roommate, Sam Elsner, earlier this year. 

“We read that you could win $300, so we basically did it for the money,” Everding said.  “Then we realized we had no real talent.”

Many would disagree with this statement, however, claiming that Everding is a very talented and amusing guy.  Staying true to his infamous name, he uses his talents to help out fellow Simpson students around campus.

“Braden is the type of friend who is always willing to throw in another set of hands to help out,” sophomore Hunter Vandenberg said. 

Vandenberg is not Everding’s only fan, though.  Partner in crime and fellow sophomore, Elsner, believes that he and Everding’s random roommate assignment was “meant to be.”

“I met him right before freshman year, but a part of me believes he has always been with me,” Elsner said. 

Elsner is fond of many things about Everding, but one thing sticks out in his mind.

“When he dances it looks like he is having a seizure,” Elsner said.  “But that is just [Everding] dancing.”

It is clear that Everding has made some great friendships that will go far beyond his college years here at Simpson, but Everding is unsure what else lies ahead in his future.

“I honestly don’t know yet,” Everding said.  “I will probably try and go to graduate school.”

But wherever Everding ends up, he will always remember his years here at Simpson College.

“It has been a real treat here so far,” Everding said.  “I have made a lot of memories and good friends, and I haven’t got in too much trouble – so far.”