Pi Beta Phi Plans to Host Round Two of Arrowspike

by Ellie Haugen

Simpson’s chapter of the sorority Pi Beta Phi plans to host Arrowspike, a day long volleyball tournament in hopes of raising money for First Book, an organization that buys books for families who cannot afford them.

For the second year of the tournament, junior Madie Fiedler has taken chair of the Arrowspike planning committee.

“I am really excited to organize this because I get to be involved with two important things to me: my Pi Phi sisters and donating books,” Fielder said.  “I absolutely love reading, and it’s nice to be able to help children who can’t afford that luxury on their own. We have a Pi Phi chapter from Iowa State coming to participate as well as Drake’s Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter.  It’s interesting to see others expressing an interest in our Greek system.”

Forming a team to play is available to everyone.  Greek systems aren’t the only ones expressing an interest as restaurants and other people have offered many donations such as food and utensils for the occasion.

“This year was much less stressful in planning because we had a template from last year of who to go to for donations,” junior co-chair of Arrowspike Shawa Sells said.  “I’m not as nervous this year, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

By advertising the event with posters in the residence halls, e-mails and word of mouth, many four-person teams have already signed up.

“Several Pi Phi alum, including Madie [Fiedler]’s mom, have helped so much in donating and advertising also,” Sells said.  “We have many teams signed up already and many t-shirts to order.  The t-shirts are fairly priced as well.”

Arrowspike will be held the week before homecoming and family weekend, making it a perfect time for students to go and enjoy the event.      

Some students will be participating in the tournament for the first time.  Students are encouraged to bring in outside members from the community to help with this cause. Fiedler stated that she is trying to convince her parents to participate this year.

“Simpson is such a small community, but I think it’s important to do things like this for a good cause and for the good memories and bonding experiences,” Fiedler said.  “These children are close to our heart and we want them to be provided with books so that they may learn and grow.”  

Anyone from trained volleyball players to non-athletic individuals are welcome to play.  The goal of the event is not to play excellently at the sport, but to donate for a cause and have an enjoyable experience.  Most individuals that will be playing for the first time can agree that they are more excited for the tournament because of the cause than for the sport itself.

“Arrowspike is going to be a great opportunity to raise money for First Book as well as a time for me to show off my mad volleyball skills,” sophomore Sylvia Koss said.        

This year’s tournament will be held on Sunday, Sept. 26 in Hopper Gymnasium from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.  Contact Fiedler or Sells for more information or to set up a team.