Students should support student orgs


by Morgan Fleener

Whether it’s being the lead soloist in the opera or the kid with the sickest dunk on the basketball team, each of us has a strength, talent or interest we’re pursuing at Simpson College.

And let’s face it. Even while we’re all attending and supporting the same college, each of us is biased about that one special club or organization we’re best at.

Granted, you love what you do and what you’re good at. However, have you ever looked out into the audience of your game, performance or meet and wondered to yourself where the heck all the fans are?

Simpson has roughly 1,500 students that attend class full-time Monday through Friday during the day. In the evening, students may have an occasional lab or night class that typically meets one night per week. Others may go to practice or meetings. The athletes work to beat their opponents and the clubs meet to talk about what they can do to improve their organization.

Is it really hard for us to take a little of our precious time and go support the things we’re able to on campus? Yes, I understand many of us have to balance a job, homework, a social life and catching up on our favorite forms of entertainment with the free time we have.

However, the people that are involved in activities spend many hours each week prepping for what they love to do, and they still find a way to make a schedule that fits all the priorities in their life.

It shouldn’t have to take Storm Squad Mania’s emails about winning a free iPad to get students to support one another on campus. Although a free iPad would be a very nice addition to some of our lives, student government shouldn’t have to bribe us into going to an event for 10 minutes and leaving after we sign up for a prize.

If you have free time, go out and watch an event on campus. Even if you may not be particularly good at that event, you can always take away watching talented people do something they are passionate about, or even learn something new and out of your comfort zone.

Seeing that we’re a Division Three school and don’t get paid for athletic ability, students are obviously giving up a lot of time and commitment to pursue something they love when they could easily be doing something else.

And if you are one of those athletes who get aggravated due to the lack of attendance at your events, go watch another event. People might return the favor.

It’s as simple as texting a friend or two and asking them if they want to take a couple hours to go watch something with you. You’ll never know what you like or dislike unless you give something a chance.

I’m not saying you have to attend every single event that Simpson has to offer, but people should at least start trying to make an effort to attend what they can. Not only would it make the students, coaches and instructors happy to see higher attendance, it would motivate students to meet and mingle with others from all different areas of campus and have a stronger, more united student body.

Nobody wants to get all decked out and dress up crazy if they’re going to be one of five people sitting in the stands for the entire game. If we get more students involved on campus the atmosphere of events will have a more energetic, fun environment for people to attend and participate in.

The least we can do as students is go out and support different kinds of activities on campus so we can show that we do, in fact, care about the reputation and name of our school.

We are SC, so let’s start working as a whole to support one another.